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For nearly 20 years, players of all skill levels have turned to the Golf Digest Hot List for in-depth, unbiased reviews of the game’s latest equipment. By conducting extensive testing with scientists, equipment experts and players, the Hot List judges carefully determine which clubs are worthy of a gold or silver medal. Only the very best of the best make the cut.

You can explore the latest winners for 2022 at Golf Galaxy which, along with its parent company DICK’S Sporting Goods, was recently named the Home of the Hot List.

"We formed this partnership with America's largest and most respected sports retailer to get closer to golfers," said Chris Reynolds, Senior Vice President & General Manager at Golf Digest. "The Hot List is the tool golfers trust in deciding the right equipment for them, and DICK'S and Golf Galaxy are the destinations for finding that equipment, fittings and advice. Our goal is always to help golfers play better and enjoy the game more."

Read on to learn more about why Golf Galaxy is the “Home of the Hot List.” 

In-Depth Fitting Experiences

Golf clubs become more sophisticated each year, and the Hot List winners are certainly no exception. These clubs are packed with advanced technology designed to help players perform their best every time they tee it up. But, in order to unlock the full potential of these sticks, you should schedule a golf club fitting with an experienced, Certified Fitter. 

“I think that all players, regardless of skill or ability, should be fit for each club in their bag,” says Garth Murszewski, Manager of Golf Services at Golf Galaxy. “Buying clubs is analogous to buying a pair of shoes. You wouldn’t just walk into a shoe store, grab any pair of shoes and expect that they will fit your foot and give you the performance and durability you expect.”

The Certified Fitters at Golf Galaxy use the latest technology, including Trackman launch monitors and BioMech putting sensors, to find the right fit for your unique mechanics. However, the fitting process goes beyond the numbers. 

“We use technology to help our golfers understand how data helps with performance, but the focus is always on our relationship with our golfers,” says Murszewski. “We have a genuine interest in knowing about them, their game and how we can help them play better golf or maybe just enjoy the game more than they already do. Whether we connect with our golfers on the putting green, in the hitting bay or out on the selling floor our goal is always the same: to let golfers know they can trust us with helping them play their best golf.”

To learn more about the benefits of a club fitting, check out the Golf Galaxy services page

Access to the Virtual Club Advisor

If you’re unable to make it to a Golf Galaxy store for a fitting, you can always schedule an online session with a Virtual Club Advisor. During your 45-minute session, you’ll meet virtually with an experienced Club Advisor to discuss your playing style and goals, at a time that fits into your schedule. If you’re interested in specific clubs from the Hot List, the Club Advisor can guide you to the right option.

“Golfers look to us for our honesty, integrity and a shared passion for the great game we all love,” says Murszewski. “At Golf Galaxy, we have Trusted Advisors who are focused on simply helping our golfers play better golf.”

Exclusive ScoreCard Benefits

If you’re set on adding Hot List clubs to your bag this season, make sure you sign up for a Golf Galaxy ScoreCard. Members will receive various benefits including subscriptions to the Golf Digest Digital Edition, Golf Digest Schools or the Golf Digest print edition. 

Are you ready to explore the 2022 Hot List winners? Browse winning clubs from all categories at


If you see something you like, go ahead and schedule that club fitting or your session with a Virtual Club Advisor. Or, if you just want to take a few test swings, contact your local Golf Galaxy store to see if the specific demo clubs you’re interested in are available.

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