Virtual Club Advisor
Receive expert advice from the comfort of your home with one of our Trusted Advisors.

How It Works

Meet Our Trusted Advisors

Our Trusted Advisors are passionate, experienced golfers with a deep understanding of golf club technology and a love for the game.

Koby U.

Pittsburgh, PA

Alyssa S.

Pittsburgh, PA

David H.

Pittsburgh, PA

Ed H.

Pittsburgh, PA

Michael R.

Pittsburgh, PA

Jack W.

Iowa City, IA

Kendell J.

Hunt Valley, MD

Mary Beth C.

Wellesley, MA

What Golfers Are Saying

  • "Koby was truly well prepared for our meeting. He studied and assessed all the aspects of my game and was focused on finding a feasible solution (bear in mind me being a lefty and the actual shortage of clubs on the shelves nowadays)." -Juliano, Handicap: 0-10
  • "Alyssa took the time to explain different manufacturers’ clubs. She discussed value and playability and came up with some options that will help me as I get fitted for clubs at Golf Galaxy. She also sent a follow-up email with the items we discussed. I believe by having this virtual meeting I will be much better prepared for my fitting, thus using the allotted time much better. I learned some terms that will help me when discussing clubs during my fitting also.” -Jay, Handicap: 10-18
  • "Michael was very knowledgeable and listened and responded to all my ideas with clear and concise advice and recommendations that I was in total agreement with. He walked me through things I was never even aware of, even after taking lessons about clubs and the importance of grip, shaft and head. I feel very confident going to the store now to pick out a driver that is more suited to me and my abilities! Thank you!” -Beth, Handicap: 18-28
  • "It was extremely useful to get an explanation of the clubs and how different features affect my game.” -Sean, Handicap: 28-plus