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    Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor


    WAS: $499.99*

    Take It to the Next Level With Golf Technology


    Feel more confident on the course with help from golf electronics.

    Whether you're calculating the distance to a pin or trying to correct a swing flaw, we have the latest golf gadgets to improve your game. Tour professionals and weekend warriors alike use golf technology to lower scores and create more enjoyable rounds.

    Choose from some of the most dependable brands on the market, including Garmin, Bushnell, Leupold and more.

    Buying Tips

    Get on the green efficiently with help from golf GPS watches or handheld GPS devices. Both GPS options are compact and lightweight - easy to transport while walking 18. Preloaded with a wide assortment of courses, conveniently find general distances to the front, center and back of the green. Enjoy the easy-to-read screens and rechargeable batteries, so your device is ready when you are.

    Add pinpoint accuracy to your game with golf laser rangefinders. With just one click, rangefinders fire an invisible laser beam from the device to your target to precisely determine yardage. They can also include the slope calculation. Know which club to use on every lie.

    Correct that annoying slice or hook with golf swing analyzers. Easily attach a swing analyzer to your golf club or glove for fast, accurate readings. Stop repeating mistakes at the range and start hitting straighter, longer shots.


    What is the difference between a Golf Rangefinder and a Golf GPS?

    Both rangefinder and GPS devices are designed to help golfers navigate the course and take the guesswork out of club selection by providing the distance to your intended target. Rangefinders use high-frequency lasers to provide line-of-sight yardage to the flagstick or other targets, while golf GPS units utilize global positioning satellites to determine the device's location in relation to the green or pre-programmed targets.

    The main advantage of a rangefinder is its ability to provide precise distance to virtually any target within 500 - 1000 yards, whether it's the pin, a tree, a bunker, etc. Some golfers prefer GPS devices because most models display distance to the front, middle and back of the green, which helps when strategizing shot placement.

    GPS devices often offer automated features that allow for faster play, including auto course recognition, auto hole recognition and more. Since you must point-and-shoot the rangefinder to determine distance, it may take slightly more time to use.

    When deciding which device is best for you, consider what you are looking to get out of it. If you want the precise distance to any target within your line of sight, the rangefinder is an excellent choice. Some GPS devices, in addition to providing yardage, allow you to keep score, track your stats, pull up course maps and utilize other features to further assist in shot planning and overall convenience on the course.

    Is it legal to use a rangefinder or distance measuring device?

    It is illegal to use any electronic device to measure distance or evaluate course conditions during stipulated/tournament play, according to Rule 14-3 of the current Rules of Golf.

    Golfers may use a device which measures distance only for handicapping purposes. Devices which measure slope, wind speed, etc. are considered illegal.

    How can game analyzers and stat trackers help my game?

    Devices for stat tracking and on-course game analysis provide instant feedback on your performance.

    In the past, the only way to get insights into your swing metrics was to work with a teaching professional at the launch monitor. With the advent of game and stat tracking systems, golfers can now get these same insights on their smart phone or computer, in real time. You can use this feedback to plan a more efficient training regimen at the range.

    Most systems work in one of two ways. For some models, you affix a sensor tag into the butt end of your grip(s) and sync it with a wearable sensor. Or, a single sensor attaches to either your golf glove or the club shaft. Once successfully engaged, the tracker automatically records and stores key metrics, including swing plane, face angle, tempo and more for each club in your bag. Some advanced systems will integrate with your smart phone via Bluetooth, allowing to review your data almost immediately.

    Many of these systems also utilize Bluetooth technology to turn your smart phone into a high-powered GPS. Your phone essentially becomes a fully-loaded golf GPS with course maps, yardage information and more.

    Do golf electronics require paid subscriptions for use?

    Most GPS, game tracker and swing analyzer devices come with an assortment of functionalities that will not require subscription for use. For example, GPS devices come preloaded with a wide variety of courses throughout the world and typically allow for free software updates. Game trackers and swing analyzers usually include a free mobile app or computer software which allows the user to access swing metrics and other statistics.

    However, for an additional fee, some electronics offer advanced features. These features may include access to online forums where you can post your metrics, virtual coaching, advanced swing analysis or additional data storage. These additional features are designed to enhance the user experience and provide more interaction with the device.