Best Golf Shoes

Stability. Comfort. Traction. Light weight. Cushioning. A range of styles. In golf shoes, you can have it all. If it’s been some time since you’ve gone shopping for new shoes, welcome back! You’re sure to be impressed because innovative technology stories abound in 2022. Golf shoes are more comfortable and supportive than ever, while a number of aggressive sole designs improve traction and stability so players can swing with confidence. Many models have removable “cleats” while others have no formal cleats at all (but don’t be fooled—spikeless golf shoes have plenty of gripping power). With great-looking styles, from sneaker-like to more traditional footwear, it’s easier than ever to find golf shoes that’ll complement your sense of style and fashion. Why settle for just one pair? Consider different genres and rotating them in and out of the lineup. 


We’ve got men and women covered in this article, with terrific choices in several price ranges. The best brands in the game are represented. Slip on a few different models at your local Golf Galaxy store to find the best ones for you. Keep in mind a few things during the visit: your foot size can change over time. Even though the previous pair was a certain size, you may need a different size now. Second, the socks you wear when trying out golf shoes should be the ones you play in. You’d be uncomfortable wearing thin dress socks while trying on new shoes, and then playing in a pair of athletic socks. Third, your feet typically swell as the day rolls on so it’s best to try on new shoes later in the day. 


FootJoy Tour Alpha 

Made from 100-percent waterproof leather, the Tour Alpha is loaded with features to enhance comfort: a full, rounded toe area and “standard” fit across the instep and forefoot; a cushioned insole; a dual-durometer midsole; and a low-profile Pulsar LP cleats. Plus, the shoe is constructed with a 3D-molded heel, an A-frame and lateral clip that fastens the foot in place during the swing. The futuristic-looking sole design provides extra stability and traction so players can take their best rip without fear of slipping or sliding. Choose from three lacing options: standard laces, BOA technology (turning the dial, located in the heel, tightens or loosens the laces), or Dual BOA dial system (two dials adjust laces independently of one another).

DryJoys Premiere 126 

The Premiere series includes four different families: the Packard and Tarlow have cleats, while the Flint and Field are spikeless. However, all of the Premiere models are made from top-of-the-line leather and have the same last to ensure a repeatable fit and feel across the entire range—the only thing that varies is the style of the upper. The shoes share a custom-cushioning system so your feet stay comfortable with no sign of fatigue, even if you’re  playing 36. The innovative Versa Trax+ outsole has multi-directional TPU (thermoplastic) nubs to handle any lie. The spikeless models, in particular, can be worn out on the town when they’re not patrolling the fairways. Premiere shoes come standard with regular laces; the Packard is also available with the BOA disc system.

Zoom Infinity Tour NXT 

When Brooks Koepka said he’d like to play golf in a running shoe, Nike went ahead and developed the Air Zoom Infinity Tour to fit his needs. Its replacement model, the Air Zoom Infinity Tour NXT, provides even more comfort than the original. Breathable, lightweight materials prevent feet from overheating during the round. The new, roomier shoe has additional Zoom Air pods in the forefoot and a padded heel collar. The shoes also feature React foam, the proprietary running-shoe technology that cushions and provides energy back into the feet. Quite impressively, the React material feels soft and springy yet squishy and stable. Lastly, the translucent sole has nubs, ridges and four molded cleats (not screw-ins) to handle various playing surfaces.

Puma Alphacat 

It’s a play on words, of course, but Puma classifies the model as the Alpha of spikeless shoes. You be the judge. Either way, the Proadapt Alphacat has a mesh upper for cool comfort while a TPU (thermoplastic) shell adds support plus a protective, waterproof coating. There’s a relatively hard TPU around the perimeter of the sole that stabilizes the shoe during the swing, while a softer rubber populates the middle of the sole. The TPU-and-rubber construction combines with lugs of various shapes and sizes for solid footing. Puma’s proprietary foam-cushioned midsole, called Adapt Foam, boosts comfort and energy return. In other words, players can feel the shoe spring off the ground while walking the course. The Alphacat comes with standard laces or a disc-closure option that’s situated on the tongue.

Adidas Codechaos 

The Codechaos has a lightweight, breathable, waterproof mesh upper. That’s right—mesh can be waterproof. Here, the mesh layers are encased in a film that give the shoe its waterproofness. It all combines with a cleverly-designed spikeless outsole made of soft, durable rubber and a TPU insert. The catchy pattern on the sole’s forefoot highlights a proprietary traction system called “Twist Grip.” The Adidas R&D team studied how golfers shifted their weight during the swing and engineered the pattern to match the strongest swing forces. Bottom line: Excellent gripping power where it’s required so players won’t slip or slide on the downswing. And, for good measure, the Codechaos boasts a full-length foam midsole for a bit more comfort.


From catchy colors to progressive styling, the MG4+ has a personality all its own, but the waterproof, spikeless shoe is much more than a fashion statement. It’s built to be extremely comfortable thanks to a padded foam insole, and the EVA midsole creates a cool rebound effect. That way, the feet feel fresh and rested during the latter stages of a round rather than tired and sore. Another nicety: the toe box has more room (slightly wider) than the company’s relatively slim-fitting Gallivanter. In addition to fit and fashion, there’s a 3D-molded external heel cup to support and stabilize the feet throughout the swing. Plus, the rubber outsole is packed with dozens of ribs and pyramid-shaped nubs so you’re always in control.


FootJoy Fuel 

The Fuel might look and feel like a regular sneaker but it performs like a full-fledged, card-carrying, classic golf shoe. More importantly, it’s anatomically tailored to women’s feet—fully rounded in the toe and forefoot and narrower in the heel. Players will immediately notice, and appreciate, extra cushioning throughout the shoe. For added support, there’s a built-in stability bar, and the breathable, waterproof synthetic upper helps feet be as comfortable at the end of the round as they were on the 1st tee. The spikeless sole has more than 100 molded-plastic nubs in the outsole for stable footing. Traditional laces come standard, but the BOA lacing system is available for $30 extra.

FootJoy Traditions 

The aptly-named Traditions has an understated elegance to it. There’s a timeless look without feeling old-fashioned or snooty. Instead, the synthetic leather upper comes in fun styles with a splash of color. The waterproof shoe has a shallow, square forefoot, which creates a little extra space for the toes to move around. Meanwhile, the heel and instep (top of the foot from the back of toes to the front of the ankle) have a more standard fit. Beyond the fit, there are prime cushioning materials in the insole and midsole to put a spring in your step. The outsole has six replaceable, low-profile Pulsar cleats to improve footing while at the same time being comfortable to walk on.

Callaway Coronado 

Coronado is a charming, comfortable beach town (peninsula) just off the Southern California coastline. Likewise, the eponymous golf shoe is charming—and comfortable—as well. There’s a waterproof microfiber leather upper to protect feet in crummy weather (admittedly, a rarity in Southern California) while the built-in mesh liner allows the feet to breathe during play. After all, no one likes to deal with sweaty, burning feet on the course and the Coronado minimizes the possibility of it. Adding to the experience are the foam insole, soft EVA midsole, and stability cage. The rubber sole has removable cleats that work in tandem with an aggressive traction pattern. Some of the multi-directional nubs are even shaped like the Callaway chevron logo.

G/FORE Women's Gallivanter 

Some product names are cleverer than others. Traditionally, a Gallivanter is someone who goes in search of fun or adventure. Made from full-grain waterproof leather, this shoe is ideal for taking long strolls in nature, too. (We appreciate the symbolism as it pertains to golf.) The foam-cushioned insole has little nubs intended to “massage” the feet. There are also 20-plus fixed little “cleats” along the translucent sole to provide traction you can count on. Stylistically, the accent colors in the heel and top edge of the outsole add pizazz to the overall look and feel. The broader Gallivanter series has fun, quirky uppers including ones that resemble a Kiltie, Cap Toe, even Cap Toe with stubs.