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Better Instruction

Turn the belief that you can play better into a reality with game-changing instruction from our trusted advisors. PGA and LPGA Professionals and Associates create a personalized experience designed specifically for your skill set.

You Know You Can Get Better. We Know We Can Help.

A Young Female Golfer Swinging A Club

Lesson Packages

Lessons are available in packages of three ($219.99), six ($399.99) or 10 ($599.99), as well as 30-minute sessions ($79.99) and junior lessons for players 18 and under ($49.99).

A Golfer Swinging A Club In A Fitting Bay

Instruction Tailored to Your Skill Set

Our teaching approach is focused on you, whether you're new to the game or a scratch golfer. Our PGA and LPGA Professionals and Associates are dedicated to helping every golfer reach their fullest potential.

Unparalleled Technology to Elevate Your Game

A Golfer And A Golf Pro Looking At TrackMan Data

Unleash Your Potential with Trackman

TrackMan utilizes dual radar systems to analyze every aspect of your swing and ball flight. *TrackMan not available at all locations. Contact your store for more details.

A Tablet Displaying Putting Stroke Data

The Science of the Short Game

BioMech Golf technology measures all aspects of your putting stroke while providing real-time feedback so you can line up more birdies on the green.