Best Gifts For Golfers

As the year winds down and we head into the holidays, now is an excellent time to get a head start on your shopping list. First stop: Golf gifts. With thousands of intriguing items to choose from, what gear makes the most sense for the hard-core golfers in your life? We’ve pulled together a diverse collection, from clubs to balls, apparel to shoes, even high-tech gadgets such as launch monitors and distance-measuring devices. After all, nothing says “I love you” quite like something golf-y.

Our top picks include items from some of the most respected equipment brands in the game. Plus, the offerings can fit anyone’s budget. In addition to Golf Galaxy gift cards (starting at just $5), several other choices are less than $100. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, both the Garmin laser rangefinder and portable launch monitor run $599. 

We’ve covered several categories here. But if these selections don’t tickle your fancy, or you’re just not sure what to get, then paying for a club fitting session (with a Golf Galaxy gift card) is a great option. Prices for custom-fitting sessions are as follows: Putter fitting, $70; driver fitting, $100; irons fitting, $100. (It’s worth noting the fitting costs are refunded in their entirety if the golfer purchases equipment as a result of the session. In addition, the full-bag “Platinum” fitting plus one 30-minute golf lesson is $300 and not complimentary with club purchase.)

While shopping for others, don’t be surprised if you come across an item or two that might fit your own needs. There’s nothing wrong with splurging on yourself around the holidays! Have fun, and, as always, let our team of certified fitters and professionals know if they can help in any way.

1. TaylorMade 2022 Stealth Driver

Want to make someone’s holidays? Give them the most buzzed-about technology in golf equipment this year — the revolutionary TaylorMade Stealth driver. Loaded with game-enhancing features, the Stealth (like its brethren the Stealth Plus and Stealth HD) has a cutting-edge carbon-composite clubface that replaces titanium, the most popular material used in drivers for the last two decades. There’s also a protective layer of textured polymer on top of the carbon, which makes it very durable. Why the new materials? As a driver’s face gets lighter, the ball speed increases, and using carbon allows TaylorMade to reduce the face of the Stealth to 26 grams, which is 40 percent lighter than a comparable titanium driver face. The weight savings is repositioned low and into the back of the head for added stability on mis-hits. The Stealth also has an updated head shape with an aerodynamic sole—air flows over the angled rear section on the downswing—which helps players swing a little faster. 

2. PING Anser Putter

One of golf’s most iconic putters, the Ping Anser, just received a makeover. The blade design has heavy tungsten slugs in the heel and toe, which stabilizes the head more so off-center hits roll out as far as center-face hits. The stainless-steel clubface has shallow milled grooves for a firmer impact feel than a smooth milled face. The 345-gram head also boasts a striking, two-tone look with platinum topline and black flange, and the contrast between the two helps when aligning the putter head to the target. Meanwhile, the overall weight distribution is best suited for players with a slightly arched putting stroke. Interestingly, the standard Anser has a graphite shaft, which is a similar weight to steel (approximately 125 grams) but delivers a softer feel at impact.  

3. Callaway 2022 Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Premium golf balls are a tried-and-true holiday gift. The redesigned Chrome Soft, which was awarded the Golf Digest “Hot List” Gold medal for 2022, is a terrific option for players of all abilities. The ball feels soft because of a reengineered core and new, softer urethane cover. In addition, the core produces faster ball speeds than the previous model while the cover contributes to improved control around the green. On longer shots, the new dimple pattern delivers a more stable flight. The ball is available with or without “Triple Track,” a dynamic visual aid consisting of blue-red-blue stripes along the side to assist players when aiming it on putts. If Chrome Soft isn’t quite right for your game, the Chrome Soft X LS, for players who prefer a straight ball flight, or Chrome Soft X, for skilled players with fast swings, might be. 

4. Garmin Approach Z82 Laser Rangefinder

The Approach Z82 is two distance-measuring devices in one. The laser rangefinder gives the precise distance to the flag within 10-inches from as far away as 450 yards. You’ll know the laser is locked on its target because the unit will vibrate. Meanwhile, the GPS function provides yardages to the front, middle and back of the green. In GPS mode, the device searches through its database of 41,000 courses for accurate measurements from anywhere on the course. The Approach Z82 can calculate distances based on elevation change as well as wind speed and direction. It also provides two-dimensional overlay maps for each hole with detailed views (and yardages) of surrounding areas. With the 8-ounce device, landmarks appear six times closer than they are. One more key feature: switching out of the “Slope” mode during tournament competitions is a snap. 

5. FootJoy Men’s DryJoys Premiere Series Packard Golf Shoes

FootJoy has been the top dog in golf footwear for decades, and few items radiate upscale beauty quite like a pair of their high-end shoes. The brand’s Premiere line boasts four different families of shoes. Each one is made from top-of-the-line, full-grain leather with a custom-cushioning system so your feet remain dry, comfortable and fatigue-free during the round. All four families also feature the same last, which ensures a repeatable fit and feel regardless of the look you choose. The innovative Versa Trax+ outsole has multi-directional thermoplastic nubs to handle tricky lies, and the Packard, a cleated shoe with two-year waterproof guarantee, has a stylish upper with textured Calfskin leather accents. The DryJoys Premiere comes standard with laces, but the BOA disc tying system is an option as well. 

6. FootJoy Women's DryJoys Premiere Series 21 Golf Shoes

The women’s versions of the DryJoys Premieres exude a subtle elegance and feel great. That’s because the upper is made from soft Pittards leather while the plush footbed has a lot of cushioning. It all adds up to extreme comfort so your feet are good through the entire round. With seven low-profile, removable Pulsar LP cleats and multi-directional TPU (thermoplastic) ridges, the VersaTrax+ outsole is loaded with traction features so you can swing with confidence and don’t need to worry about slipping. The firm heel cup provides an additional measure of stability and support. The Premiere has a two-year waterproof guarantee and comes in sizes 5 to 10, in medium width only. 

7. Garmin Approach R10 Golf Launch Monitor

Most golfers have never considered using a launch monitor while practicing on the range—because traditionally, the monitors have been a bit too big and heavy for easy portability. But at three inches tall, the Approach R10 fits in the palm of your hand and weighs just five ounces. When in use, it sits on a tripod stand (included) and tracks more than a dozen metrics, including swing tempo, ball speed, launch direction and carry distance. Players can instantly watch video clips with swing data overlaid on each shot, making it simple to differentiate good swings from bad ones. In addition, the device doubles as a golf simulator so golfers can play a virtual round on any one of 42,000 courses. The Approach R10 runs on a lithium-ion battery, which lasts 10 hours between charges. 

8. Sun Mountain 2023 C130 Cart Bag  

Does your favorite golfer need a new bag? Sun Mountain continues to turn out high-performing golf bags year after year, and the new C-130 is no different. This roomy cart bag comes with 14 individual club slots, each one with a full-length divider to prevent the grips and shafts from tangling inside the bag. Plus, the 10.5” top provides plenty of area to get clubs in and out. The 7-pound bag is loaded with storage—13 pockets—for apparel, valuables, water bottle, as well as a velour-lined pocket with magnetic closure for the rangefinder. Every pocket faces forward when the bag is on the cart, making them a cinch to access. Speaking of which, two Velcro® straps are used to fasten the bag to a cart, keeping the cart strap away from the pockets. 

9. CALIA Women's Texture Long Sleeve Mock Neck Golf Shirt

In 2015, Dick’s Sporting Goods (parent company to Golf Galaxy) launched its private label CALIA, which quickly became a very popular women’s activewear brand. As part of the brand’s extension, CALIA has moved into golf apparel this year. The line includes versatile layering pieces like this mock turtleneck, made from breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking technology to keep you comfortable during play. Plus, the fabric is treated with an application to control, and even eliminate, odor. The wrinkle-resistant shirt comes in white, boysenberry or slate, in a range of sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL). 

10. TravisMathew Men's Energy 1/4 Zip Golf Pullover

TravisMathew does a great job of blending style with comfort, and the Energy is a quarter-zip pullover that’s a superb option for cool mornings in the fall. Made from soft, lightweight fabrics, the wrinkle-resistant layering piece is built to stretch, with no restriction during the swing. Pro tip: Turn the jersey inside-out when putting in the wash to protect the outside. Also, it’s recommended to tumble dry low. The pullover comes in choice of navy or gray, in small, medium, large, extra-large or double extra-large. 

11. Fitting Gift Card

Golf Galaxy gift cards make for terrific holiday stocking stuffers. While some players might use their card on a new club, a great suggestion for your loved one is to apply it to an in-store custom-fitting session. After all, golf clubs that are fit properly will maximize performance and make every round of golf a lot more fun. Our certified clubfitters utilize high-tech equipment, such as TrackMan launch monitors, to determine the best full-swing clubs for an individual. Likewise, the BioMech Golf system enables fitters to draw upon precise putter measurements in real time such as clubface angle at impact, loft, stroke tempo and so on. How much money should you add to a fitting gift card? Here’s the menu of custom fitting options: driver only ($99.99), set of irons ($99.99) or putter only ($69.99).