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XXIO X Custom Irons product image
XXIO X Custom Irons product image

XXIO X Custom Irons

$199.99 - $2,024.91
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  • Custom items cannot be returned or exchanged


  • Precision forged for incredible softness and feel
  • Combines premium forging with powerful ball speed for distance and feel
  • Milled Speed Groove on the backside of the high-strength steel faceplate flexes at impact for added energy, resulting in incredible distance
  • V-shaped sole improves turf interaction and provides plenty of control
  • Weight Plus Counterbalancing Technology
    • Brass and rubber weight in the shaft, positioned behind your hands as you grip the club
    • Helps push the clubhead through backswing for a more consistent swing position
    • At beginning of downswing, the weight brings your hands into position, keeping your arms closer to your body for a squarer face at impact
    • Enhances speed and distance for mid to low handicap golfers
    • Incredibly lightweight
  • Country of Origin : Imported
  • Brand : Cleveland


421.0°60.5°38.5"D1(S) D0(R)D0(S) C9(R)
523.0°61.0°38"D1(S) D0(R)D0(S) C9(R)
626.0°61.5°37.5"D1(S) D0(R)D0(S) C9(R)
729.0°62.0°37"D1(S) D0(R)D0(S) C9(R)
833.0°62.5°36.5"D1(S) D0(R)D0(S) C9(R)
938.0°63.0°36"D1(S) D0(R)D0(S) C9(R)
PW43.0°63.5°35.5"D1(S) D0(R)D0(S) C9(R)
AW49.0°63.5°35.5"D2(S) D1(R)D1(S) D0(R)
SW56.0°63.5°35.5"D2(S) D1(R)D1(S) D0(R)

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