Find the best kids golf clubs to suit your child.

Select from complete junior golf club sets, drivers, kids golf irons and putters.

Take out the guesswork with a pre-packaged kids golf club set designed for children of certain ages and heights.

Choose from top brands like Callaway, Cobra, Nike and Top Flite.

Beginners who arent ready for tournament play should choose aluminum drivers. Junior golfers with higher swing speeds who are ready for tournament play reap more benefits from all-titanium clubheads.

If your child is struggling to swing with a driver thats too long, its OK to have your child choke down on the grip. However, never have your child choke down more than two or three inches. At that point, the driver is too long.

Very young golfers begin with a wedge and a putter, and slowly add a few irons, hybrids and a driver.

Because you need swing speed to create distance gaps between clubs, distance gaps are small with kids. Therefore, comprising a perfect set includes a putter, a wedge, a 7-iron, a hybrid and a driver. It makes sense to have 12-14 clubs in your childs bag when your kid can swing harder and sees a distance gap larger than five yards between clubs.