Wedge Gap Analysis


Fill the Gaps in Your Game

One of the best ways to lower your score is to focus on the short game. A tap-in putt is usually the result of a dead-solid wedge shot. Through an interview and evaluation of your wedge technique, our trusted advisors can determine the proper type(s) and loft(s) of wedges that are best suited for you.

Sole design, loft and club length are the key elements. Based on an interview and short game swing analysis, we can identify the proper wedge sole design to optimize your performance on short approaches and scoring shots around the green. We'll find the best loft options based on your current set makeup and the distance gapping needs that enhance your ability to control distance and trajectory on short approaches, chip shots, pitches and sand shots. The proper length of each wedge is also measured to further enhance your distance and control. 

It is recommended to replace your wedges approximately every 65 rounds, depending on how often you use your wedges when practicing, to avoid groove wear affecting performance. As grooves wear, launch angles will increase, spin rates will decrease, and ball control into and around the green will be negatively impacted. If you are noticing your wedge shots ballooning or floating, it is probably time to replace those wedges.

Better Your Best by discovering the desired feel in your wedges. Schedule a Wedge Gap Analysis at your local Golf Galaxy.

Take Control of Your Short Game

A Golfer Holding A Wedge

Bounce Angles

Wedges come in standard, low or high bounce options. Bounce is built into the sole in order to keep it from digging into the ground or sand. We match the amount of bounce on your wedges to the grass and soil conditions of the courses you play, as well as to your own swing style.

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Wedge Gapping

Players today may embrace four wedges in order to take the guesswork out of shots from 120 yards in. There's no right or wrong number of wedges for your bag, but filling the gaps will help elevate your short game. Our trusted advisors can determine the best mix to help you score low.