Putter Fitting


Set Your Short Game Up for Success

Your putter is the only club you use on every hole, so it needs to fit you perfectly. A putter fitting customizes your putter to your stature and style, giving you the best opportunity to roll the ball true on the greens.

We use revolutionary BioMech Golf technology to measure all aspects of your putting stroke. Our expert fitters then analyze that data to find the perfect putter for your short game. They will determine your proper length, which is important to both the distance and accuracy of a putt, as well as critical to consistent putting. It’s also vital in creating a good line of sight on the green. Loft is fit to optimize the roll of a putt and is a key feature in distance control. Most experts believe the ideal loft range is between 4 and 6 degrees. We also identify the proper lie to match your stroke and help with directional control.

In addition, we'll find the best total weight and swing weight to aid in distance control and the overall feel of the putter. Our expert fitters will determine the best head shape (blade or mallet) and style (face balanced or toe balanced), as well as toe hang and toe flow. 

Fit the design of the putter to your ability, and you'll have the best chance to improve your putting statistics, including putts made, two-putts and total number of putts.

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A Golfer Placing A Ball On The Green

Line Up Lower Scores

Any experienced golfer will say the most important aspect of putting is proper alignment. When you master the art of alignment, putts will drop like clockwork. While the latest putters offer a wide range of alignment enhancement, finding the right alignment is personal.

The Science of the Short Game

BioMech Golf technology measures all aspects of your putting stroke while providing real-time feedback to determine the best putter for your game.

An Image Of A BioMech Golf Sensor On A Putter

Comprehensive Metrics

The interactive sensor provides a detailed display of the length, duration and accuracy of the proper putting orientation.

An Image Of A Golfer Putting

Real-Time Feedback

Receive a complete analysis of your face and loft angles, as well as your timing and tempo throughout each stroke.

A Tablet Displaying Putting Stroke Data

See the Results

Record, review and compare your putting stroke to assess your progress and performance.

A Golfer Swinging In A Hitting Bay While A Golf Pro Watches

Find Your Perfect Fit

Golf is a game of adjustments, and one of the biggest adjustments you can make is with a custom fitting. Our trusted advisors are dedicated to finding the best fit for your game.