Renew Your Set of Clubs

Remove your old golf grips and replace them with a fresh new set. Replacing grips is one of the easiest ways to renew a set of clubs, giving you the great tacky feel and improved performance of a new set. Consider regripping your clubs each year. You'll be amazed at the improvement!

  1. Place the golf club shaft in a rubber shaft clamp and tighten it in a universal vise. Measure the grip's current size with a master grip gauge. Grip size is measured at a point two inches below the top of the grip. The gauge opening that becomes snug at the two-inch point is the grip's size.
  2. To remove the old grip, carefully cut the grip, starting at the lip, using a utility knife, being certain to cut away from your body. The hook blade prevents cutting into a graphite shaft. Peel the cut grip off the shaft.
  3. Remove the old tape prior to installing the new grip. Use the blade style tape stripper by grasping the ball handle and pushing the scraping end repeatedly through the tape as shown. For graphite shafts, use a less aggressive angle with the tape stripper to avoid damaging the shaft. Remove any remaining tape residue with a paper towel dampened with grip solvent. Note: At this point, if you wish to "build up" the grip to a large size, you can apply build up tape. Each wrap adds about 1/64 of an inch of thickness.
  4. Apply a strip of double coated tape lengthwise along the shaft, beginning where the grip ends and extending half an inch beyond the butt end of the shaft. Remove the paper backing, wrap the tape around the shaft and twist the end and push it inside the shaft (to prevent fluid from entering shaft). Note: You can substitute a water activated tape. It is a little more difficult to use, but makes solvents unnecessary.
  5. Cover the vent hole on the grip with your finger and pour solvent into the grip. Pour solvent from the grip over the tape, wetting it thoroughly and quickly position the mouth of the grip beneath the shaft. Lightly pinch the grip to open the mouth. Slide the grip onto the shaft in one smooth motion until you feel the shaft butt up against the inside of the grip cap.
  6. Lastly, set the club in the normal playing position, and make sure the grip is on straight. If there are any alignment lines or marks on the front of the grip, make sure they are rotated toward the front. Twist the grip to achieve the desired alignment. Let the new golf grips dry overnight.