Grip Fitting Analysis

Keep Your Clubs Feeling Like New

Think of your grips as the connecting point between you and every club in your bag. Having the correct grip size will allow you to grip each club with the proper pressure, resulting in the proper release of the club through impact. A grip that is too small can cause a player to have too much wrist action, while a grip that is too large can cause a player to have limited or restricted wrist action.

A good rule of thumb is to replace your grips at least once a year. However, you’ll want to be mindful of any noticeable cracks or wear and tear, especially to the pressure points under your thumbs. Other factors, such as how often you visit the driving range, the climate you regularly play in and whether you wear a golf glove, can all contribute to how frequently you’ll need to replace your grips.

Our trusted advisors can fit you with the best grips for your game to improve your overall performance, shot shaping and trajectory.

A Golfer Swinging In A Hitting Bay While A Golf Pro Watches

Find Your Perfect Fit

Golf is a game of adjustments, and one of the biggest adjustments you can make is with a custom fitting. Our trusted advisors are dedicated to finding the best fit for your game.