Golf Galaxy Platinum Fitting

Get fit for every club in your bag, plus receive a 30-minute lesson with a PGA or LPGA professional, as available. Learn more about the Platinum Fitting experience below. PGA/LPGA professionals are not available at all Golf Galaxy locations. Contact your local store for details.

Platinum Fitting

What Can You Expect During a Fitting at Golf Galaxy?

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Driver Fitting

The Driver Fitting is a detailed process during which the club’s main components are optimized for playability, feel and overall performance.

  • Length is fit to optimize the best combination of consistency and distance.
  • Loft is determined to maximize the launch angle and spin rate necessary to optimize distance and ball flight.
  • Shaft flex is determined based on your swing characteristics in order to optimize trajectory, distance, and feel.
  • Based on your feel preference and grip characteristics, your fitter will show you a variety of grip options to best suit your needs.
Iron Fitting

The Iron Fitting includes both static and dynamic measurements to ensure each club in the set is customized for your swing.

  • Club head design is chosen based on personal feel, look, and desired level of forgiveness.
  • Using static and dynamic measurements, the club length is fit in order to optimize distance, accuracy, and posture.
  • By analyzing your swing characteristics, your certified fitter will recommend shaft material (steel or graphite), shaft weight, and shaft flex. This will help optimize distance, ball flight trajectory, control, and feel.
  • With the use of an impact board and lie-angle impact tape, your certified fitter will fit you for the appropriate lie angle that will help your directional control and desired ball flight.
  • Lofts can be addressed in order to optimize your distance control and gapping.
  • Based on your feel preference and grip characteristics, your fitter will show you a variety of grip options to best suit your needs.
Wedge Fitting & Gapping Analysis

Combining the analysis of your swing and wedge technique will help determine what wedges will best suit your game.

  • The certified fitter will help determine the best sole design to optimize turf interaction.
  • Having the appropriate amount of bounce in your wedges is essential to help prevent the club from digging too much into the ground or sand.
  • Wedge gapping will help identify the correct lofts you should carry so you can maximize your game from 120 yards and in.
Putter Fitting

The putter is the most-used club in the bag — having a properly fit putter can save you several strokes per round.

  • The certified fitter will help you identify which head style will be best suited for your putting style. Ultimately, it is the player who chooses the putter that best fits their eye and feel preference. Once a model is chosen, the putter will be fit for length, loft, and lie.
  • Proper length will help the player’s stance, line of sight, and improve the consistency of distance and control.
  • Finding the correct loft based on your stroke will help optimize the roll of a putt and distance control.
  • The lie of the putter is crucial for directional control.
Set Make-Up

The certified fitter will make sure the clubs in your set get you from tee to green in as few strokes as possible.

  • If you prefer hybrids over long irons, your fitter will perform a gapping analysis to make sure you have comfortable yardage gaps at the top end of your bag.
  • Your set make-up will allow you to maximize the performance of every club in your bag, from driver to putter.
30-Minute Professional Lesson

Professional instruction will help you get the most out of your custom-fit clubs.

  • Lessons are provided by a PGA or LPGA Professional, as available.
  • The V1 Digital Coaching System is used to capture key moments from each session, which are then emailed ot the player so they can be viewed anytime from anywhere.
  • The lesson will be catered to any aspect of the swing needing attention.
  • Your Pro will work with you to create more consistency in your swing, helping you transfer your game from practice sessions to the course.