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Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyzer product image
Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyzer product image
Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyzer product image
Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyzer product image

Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyzer

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Experience the next generation of swing analysis with the Zepp Golf 2.0 Swing Analyzer. With new Smart Features designed to personalize your training, you can improve your game faster than ever. From instant swing evaluations, to easy-to-follow instruction from the Pros, this device allows golfers to develop meaningful training routines. Attach the Zepp® Golf 2.0 Swing Analyzer to your glove and let it help you become the player you want to be.

Zepp 2.0 – The Smartest Way To Improve Your Game:

  • Cutting-edge swing analyzer designed to help you become the player you want to be
  • Instant Evaluations help you see where you can improve the most and focus your training
  • Replay and review your swing in 360° detail from any angle for remarkable game insight
  • Smart Coach offers personalized training programs based on your data from Tour players/coaches
  • Attaches to glove and wirelessly sends 1,000 data points/second to your phone/tablet after each swing
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours for uninterrupted training

Key Points of Analysis:

Key Points of Analysis
  1. Club Speed – Measure your club speed and learn how to gain yardage off the tee or fairway
  2. Club Plane – Discover the benefits of matching the plane of your downswing to the plane of your backswing
  3. Hand Plane – Learn how your hands play a major role in defining the shape of your swing
  4. Backswing Position – Track the length and consistency of your backswing. Most pros shoot for 270°
  5. Tempo – Measure the ratio of time it takes to make your backswing vs. downswing. Most pros are 3:1
  6. 3D Analysis – See what really happens during your swing and compare your technique to the best
  7. Video Analysis – Capture your swing in HD video and analyze with our frame by frame breakdown
  8. Consistency – Based on how uniform your full swing metrics are. If most of your full swing metrics are close to average, the score will be green. When they vary widely, the score registers yellow or red

Device Compatibility:

  • iPhone 5 and newer
  • iPad 3rd Generation and newer
  • iPod Touch 6th Generation and newer
  • iOS 9 and above
  • Android OS 5.0 and newer

Physical Specifications:

  • What’s Included: Zepp Golf 2.0 Swing Analyzer | Glove Mount | Device Charger
  • Device Dimensions: 1.1” x 1.1” x 0.48”
  • Device Weight: 0.22 oz.
  • Brand : Zepp
  • Country of Origin : Imported
  • SKU: 16940892

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