U.S. Kids Golf Kids' Ultralight DV2 Driver (Ages 5-7)

U.S. Kids Golf Kids' Ultralight DV2 Driver (Ages 5-7)

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U.S. Kids Golf Kids' Ultralight DV2 Driver (Ages 5-7)
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U.S. Kids Golf Kids' Ultralight DV2 Driver (Ages 5-7)
Price: $39.99
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Product Information

The right fit makes all the difference for your future pro with the U.S. Kids Golf Ultralight DV2 Driver. Tailored to height, not age, optimized club length and weight unlock solid fundamentals, with the head size engineered for longer, straighter shots off the tee. The appropriately sized grip helps reinforce proper hand position, and the K-flex shaft affords more power when they need it most.

The right fit

  • Age: 5 to 7
  • Height: 45'' to 48''
  • Skill level: beginner
  • Swing speed: N/A


  • Tailored length and weight based on height, not age, to establish solid fundamentals
  • 25% lighter, 240cc head is engineered to encourage longer, straighter shots
  • Appropriately sized grip helps reinforce proper hand position to maintain a more natural swing
  • Lightweight K-flex graphite shaft helps increase swing speed for greater power
  • Brand : U.S. Kids Golf
  • Country of Origin : Imported

  • SKU: 17178145
Model Player Height Loft Length Volume
Ultralight DV2 45 45'' to 48'' 20.0° 30.00'' 240cc
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