PING Sigma 2 Anser Platinum Putter

PING Sigma 2 Anser Platinum Putter

Length: Adjustable
Grip: PING PP60 Pistol Putter Grip - Midsize
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PING Sigma 2 Anser Platinum Putter
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PING Sigma 2 Anser Platinum Putter
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Putter Fitting

What can you expect During a fitting a Golf Galaxy? Watch the Video Below to Learn More.
The putter is the only club you use on every hole, so it needs to fit you perfectly.

Putter Fitting custom tailors your putter to your stature and style, giving you the best opportunity to roll the ball true on the greens.

A certified fitter determine your proper length, which is important to both the distance and accuracy of a putt and is critical to putting consistent. Loft is fit to optimize the roll of a putt and is a key feature in distance control in putting. We uncover the proper lie to help with the directional control.

In addition, we find the best total weight and swing weight to aid in distance control and the overall feel of the putter. Fit the design of the putter to your ability, and you'll have the best chance to improve your putting statistics, including putts made, 2-putts and total number of putts.

Leave Golf Galaxy with a putter that gives you distance control and a smooth roll of the ball every time you stroke it. Call today to book your Putter Fitting.

Consistency & Ball Alignment
Any experienced golfer will tell you that the most important aspect of putting is proper alignment. When you master the art of alignment, putts will drop like clockwork. While the latest putters offer a wide range of alignment enhancement, finding the right alignment is personal.

  • Loft is a key factor in distance control. Most experts believe that the ideal loft range is anywhere from 4 to 6 degrees.

  • Length of the putter as it fits your stature, and stance over the ball, is essential to improving accuracy and distance control. It's also vital in creating a good line of sight on the green.

  • Lie is a critical factor in directional control. We fit the lie to match your stroke so you roll the ball true every time.

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Fitting Service

Need a Putter Fitting?

We offer custom putter fitting services in every one of our stores around the country. Putter fittings are provided free with purchase. Learn More

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Product Information

Bring a new level of performance to your short game with a PING Sigma 2 Putter. A Dual-Durometer Insert combines two hardnesses of PEBAX material to enhance performance on both short and long putts. Tour-proven True Roll face technology utilizes grooves that vary in width and depth to unlock consistent performance and distance control. Industry-first adjustable shaft length technology -- concealed within the grip – helps golfers find their optimal fit.

Sigma 2 Anser Model

  • PING’s winningest putter model on professional tours
  • Traditional heel-toe ballasts, pleasing contours and a simple alignment line boost confidence at address
  • Blade profile and medium overall head weight increase proficiency and performance from any distance
  • Mid toe hang targets players with moderate rotation in their putting stroke (largest percentage of golfers)
  • Premium platinum putter head finish delivers timeless quality and style

Dual-Durometer PEBAX Insert with True Roll Face Pattern:

Dual-Durometer PEBAX Insert with True Roll Face Pattern
  • Designed for golfers who prefer a blend of softer response and firm face performance
  • Dual-Durometer insert combines two hardnesses of PEBAX material for player-preferred feel
  • Softer front layer ensures greater precision for those shorter, more delicate, must-make putts
  • Firmer back layer offers the solid feedback and distance control required for longer-range putts
  • True Roll face grooves vary in width and depth for consistent performance and distance control

Simple, Intuitive Shaft Length Adjustment

Simple, Intuitive Shaft Length Adjustment
  • PING’s research indicates 8 out of 10 golfers are playing with a putter that is the wrong length
  • Industry-first adjustable shaft length technology – concealed within grip – adapts length between 32” – 36”
  • Adjustment tool inserts into the top of the grip and modifies the length in ¼” increments with a full turn of dial
  • Affords golfers the ability to experiment with length until they’re comfortable, ideally with eyes directly over ball
  • Grip orientation remains completely aligned with the face angle throughout the adjustment process

PING PP60 Pistol Putter Grip – Midsize:

  • Consistent pistol shape naturally fits into fingers for more consistent grip pressure in both hands
  • Foam under-listing dampens excess vibration at impact to provide soft, player-preferred response
  • Soft, tacky polymer construction with a deep link surface pattern enables comfort and wear resistance
  • Core Size: .580” | Weight: 50.5g | Installed Size: Midsize Putter
  • Brand : PING

ModelLoftLieLengthStroke TypeHead Weight
Sigma 2 Anser20°Adjustable: 32" - 36"Slight Arc350g
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