PING G700 Black Dot Irons – (Steel) – Standard Length

PING G700 Black Dot Irons – (Steel) – Standard Length

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Hand: Right Hand
Includes: 5-PW, UW
Shaft: AWT 2.0 Steel
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PING G700 Black Dot Irons – (Steel) – Standard Length
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PING G700 Black Dot Irons – (Steel) – Standard Length
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Product Information

Powerful design meets pleasing aesthetics to form PING G700 Irons. PING’s longest, highest-flying irons feature a hollow body, 17-4 stainless steel head construction with an internal geometry design that positions weight away from the face for metalwood-like flexing. A C300 maraging steel face combines with low and extreme heel-toe perimeter weighting to further enhance face flex and tighten dispersion. Optimized sole width, bounce and offset enable better turf interaction for improved ball striking.

Powerful Design

  • Engineered for the player seeking the ultimate combination of forgiveness and distance
  • Hollow body construction of the 17-4 stainless steel head allows for an internal geometry that positions weight away from the face
  • Metalwood-like flexing and high COR greatly increases ball speed to launch the ball higher and farther
  • Playability and high launch benefits achieved while maintaining a slim, aesthetically-pleasing shape
  • Hollow-body construction and cavity geometry achieve higher trajectory with enhanced power and sound
Powerful Design

Maraging Steel Face

  • Three times stronger than 431 stainless steel, C300 maraging steel is one of the strongest alloys in the world
  • Maraging steel increases ball speed and distance by generating twice the face flexing at impact
  • Low and extreme heel-toe perimeter weighting ensures high inertia and tighter dispersion
  • Remarkable craftsmanship achieved through two-step heat treating and robotic plasma weld processes
Maraging Steel Face

Extreme Weighting + Forgiving Sole Design

  • Low and extreme heel-toe perimeter weighting delivers a balanced CG location for each iron
  • Optimized sole width, bounce and offset allow for better turf interaction to improve ball striking
  • Enhancements result in higher inertia, optimal ball speed retention and consistency on off-center strikes
Extreme Weighting


  • Black Dot irons feature a neutral lie angle to accommodate golfers with balanced turf interaction at impact
  • Slim sole width and smooth offset create a confidence-inspiring view at address
  • Sleek, clean cavity profile delivers a streamlined, player-preferred aesthetic
  • Hydropearl plating repels moisture and decreases friction between club and turf
  • Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Black

PING AWT 2.0 Steel Shaft

  • AWT (Ascending Weight Technology) employs a steeper weight progression through set
  • Lighter long iron shafts help square the face to increase club head speed for distance and accuracy
  • Heavier short iron/wedge shafts for improved trajectory control and feel
  • Flex: R / S / XS | Weight: 98g (R), 104g (S), 119g (XS) | Trajectory: Mid-High (R), Mid (S), Low-Mid (XS)
  • Brand : PING

ModelLoftLie (Black Dot)LengthOffsetBounceSwing Weight
4 Iron20°60.5°38 7/8"0.29"D0
5 Iron23°61°38 1/4"0.26"D0
6 Iron26°61.5°37 5/8"0.23"D0
7 Iron29.5°62°37"0.20"D0
8 Iron34°62.8°36 1/2"0.18"D0
9 Iron39°63.5°36"0.16"10°D0.5
PW44°64.1°35 1/2"0.13"12°D2
UW49°64.1°35 1/2"0.11"12°D2
SW54°64.4°35 1/4"0.09"13°D3
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