PING G Black Dot Irons - Steel

PING G Black Dot Irons - Steel

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Shaft: AWT 2.0 Steel
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PING G Black Dot Irons - Steel
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PING G Black Dot Irons - Steel
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Iron Fitting

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When you're on the fairway, you want to take dead aim. Get custom fit by a certified fitter for your irons so they are right for you.

Our Iron Fittings are a detailed, step-by-step process to determine what the key specifications of irons should be for you. We address your loft (distance control and gapping), lie (directional control), shaft flex (distance and trajectory control, feel), club length (distance and accuracy control, comfort), grip size (directional control, feel and security), swing weight (feel and swing control) and set make-up (distance gapping).

Through an interview and thorough swing analysis, we determine what specifications you need to optimize your iron play.

Whether you're buying a new set of irons, or customizing your current set, properly fit irons can maximize distance and optimize accuracy. Stick your irons closer than ever before, call your local Golf Galaxy store to set up your Iron Fitting.

Lay it Down Right
The position of the clubhead at the moment of impact determines the outcome of your shot. Getting an iron set properly fit for your swing ensures that everything is in the correct position at impact. Your shots will look more like you envision them, and your handicap will drop faster than a tap-in putt.
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Product Information

Hit and hold greens like a professional with PING G Black Dot Irons. COR-Eye™ technology uses increased flex in the face to produce faster ball speeds, improving distance and control on approach, and Hyper 17-4 stainless steel affords more carry. Perimeter weighting boosts MOI, resulting in greater consistency, and deeper CG promotes stopping power when you need it most.

G COR-Eye technology

COR-Eye™ technology

  • Produces four times the amount of face flex
  • More flexing means consistently faster speeds across the entire face
  • Increased speed and height generate distance and hold around the green

Hyper 17-4 stainless steel

  • Increases strength of the head by 40%
  • Affords thinner face, further enhancing flex and speed
  • Adds 5 additional yards of carry

Perimeter weighting

  • Saved weight from the face is concentrated on the toe and hosel
  • Increases MOI for extreme forgiveness on off-center contact
  • Boosts accuracy and consistency throughout the set


  • Deeper CG ensures higher launch and more stopping power
  • Enlarged, multi-material badge dampens vibrations to provide exceptional sound and feel
  • AWT 2.0 shafts get heavier from long irons to short, optimizing performance
  • PING 5L grip enhances feel
  • Mirror-polish back and ferrule add high-quality style
  • Black Dot: standard lie angle
  • Brand : PING
  • Country of Origin : United States of America

Model Loft Offset Length Swing Weight
4 Iron 21.0° 0.29 38.88'' D0
5 Iron 24.0° 0.26 38.25'' D0
6 Iron 27.0° 0.23 37.63'' D0
7 Iron 30.5° 0.20 37.00'' D0
8 Iron 35.0° 0.18 36.50'' D0
9 Iron 40.0° 0.16 36.00'' D0
PW 45.0° 0.14 35.50'' D2
UW 50.0° 0.12 35.50'' D2
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