Odyssey O-Works Black #1 Putter product image
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Odyssey O-Works Black #1 Putter product image
Odyssey O-Works Black #1 Putter product image
Odyssey O-Works Black #1 Putter product image
Odyssey O-Works Black #1 Putter product image

Odyssey O-Works Black #1 Putter

Was: $199.99
Grip: Winn AVS Pistol Grip - Midsize
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Let the Odyssey O-Works Black #1 Putter do the work for you. Microhinge insert technology combines a stainless steel Microhinge plate with a Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer to create immediate topspin at impact, lifting the ball into a better roll and affording great feel. The new black finish creates a clean, simple look at address, while Tour-proven shaping further inspires confidence on the green.

Microhinge insert technology

  • Stainless steel Microhinge plate co-molded into a Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer
  • Hinges create more topspin and lift the ball into a better roll regardless of stroke
  • Reduces skidding, improves accuracy, and provides great feel at impact
Microhinge insert technology

New Tour-Preferred Black Finish

  • Popular aesthetic among Callaway Staff Pros
  • Designed to create a clean, simple look at address
  • Contrasting colors provide additional aid to ensure you’re on target

Tour-proven #1 shape

  • Tested and validated by the world's best players
  • Rounded heel-toe weighted blade
  • Crank-neck hosel, full-shaft offset

Winn AVS Pistol Grip - Midsize:

  • Designed for players who prefer a slightly larger grip profile
  • Polymer grip technology utilizes compounds that are slip-resistant in all conditions
  • Built for comfort to product less hand fatigue, leading to extended time on the course
  • Pistol-style grip profile encourages a more relaxed, tension-free putting stroke
  • Core Size: .580” | Weight: 77g | Installed Size: Midsize Putter

SuperStroke Slim 2.0 Counter Core Grip - Jumbo:

  • 50g Counterbalance weighting placed in the butt of the grip quiets hands/wrists for consistency
  • Putter grip features threaded butt cap designed to accommodate CounterCore weight
  • Increased size and surface area allows for consistent grip pressure in both hands
  • Parallel design allows for a more consistent stroke and increased confidence
  • Cross Traction Technology provides improved grip through greater tackiness
  • High-tech, multi-material PU construction generates enhanced feel
  • Core Size: .580” | Weight: 114g | Installed Size: Jumbo Putter

SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour CounterCore Putter Grip:

  • 25g CounterCore weight in the butt end of grip slows down top section of putter for smoother release
  • SuperStroke’s smallest size grip and first grip to feature a traditional pistol shape in a non-taper profile
  • High-tech PU material with CrossTraction technology for improved feel and tackiness
  • Parallel Technology increases stroke consistency and overall control
  • Core Size: .580” | Weight: 101g | Installed Size: Standard Putter
  • Brand : Odyssey
  • Web ID: 17ODYM2017WRKS1BLPTR


ModelLoftLieLengthHead WeightOffset
#170°33", 34", 35"350gFull Shaft

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