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Honma Beres IS-06 4-Star Individual Irons – (Graphite)

Hand: Right Hand
Flex: Regular Flex
Shaft: Beres ARMRQ X
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Key Features of the Honma Beres IS-06 4-Star Irons:

  • Forged irons designed to equip the discerning golfer with the feel and confidence to hit a precise shot
  • L-cup face structured from precision made, thin steel delivers fast ball speed and feel
  • Elegant ground wide sole with bottom slits provides high launch and ball speed for incredible distance

    Experience the best in fine craftsmanship and attention to detail with the Honma Beres IS-06 Irons. Designed with precision and elegance, the forged iron equips discerning golfers with the feel and confidence they need to hit an accurate shot. The L-cup face is constructed from thin steel that delivers fast ball speed and increased feel. Elegant ground wide sole with bottom slits provides high launch and increased ball speed for incredible distance.

      Design Details:

      • Constructed by master craftsmen in Sakata Japan committed to making the highest quality and top-level performance golf clubs
      • ARMRQ X shaft, assembled with exclusive 10-axis aerospace-grade nano fiber graphite, is designed to enhance overall club performance
      • Honma ARMRQ shafts provide a combination of high tensile strength with high elasticity to deliver impact from the head of the club
      • IS-06 4-Star Irons includes Honma’s upgraded ARMRQ shaft that provides lower torque and improved recovery resulting in enhanced accuracy
      • Shaft: Beres ARMRQ X 47 4-Star Shaft
      • Flex: R
        • Weight: 48.5g (4I); 48g (5I); 48.5g (6I); 48g (7I); 51.5g (8I); 51g (9I); 54.5g (10I); 54g (11/AW/SW)
        • Torque: 3.13° (4I); 3.06° (5I); 2.99° (6I); 2.92° (7I); 2.79° (8I); 2.72° (9I); 2.59° (10I); 2.52° (11/AW/SW)
        • Kick Point: Low-Mid
      • Flex: S
        • Weight: 51.5g (4I); 51g (5I); 51.5g (6I); 51g (7I); 54.5g (8I); 54g (9I); 57.5g (10I); 57g (11/AW/SW)
        • Torque: 3.03° (4I); 2.96° (5I); 2.89° (6I); 2.82° (7I); 2.69° (8I); 2.62° (9I); 2.49° (10I); 2.42° (11/AW/SW)
        • Kick Point: Low-Mid
      • Grip: Honma Beres Rubber III N47 Gold Grip
      • Brand : Honma
      • Web ID: 19AQ7MBRSS064SXXXWDG


      ModelLoftLieLengthSwing Weight
      4 Iron19.5°60.5°38.5"R - C8 ; S - C9
      5 Iron22.5°61°38"R - C8 ; S - C9
      6 Iron25.5°61.5°37.5"R - C8 ; S - C9
      7 Iron28.5°62°37"R - C8 ; S - C9
      8 Iron32.5°62.5°36.5"R - C8 ; S - C9
      9 Iron36.5°63°36"R - C8 ; S - C9
      10 Iron41.5°63°35.5"R - C8 ; S - C9
      11 Iron46.5°63°35"R - C8 ; S - C9
      AW51.5°63°35"R - C8 ; S - C9
      SW56°64°35"R - D0 ; S - D0

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