Honma Beres IE-06 3-Star Individual Irons – (Graphite)

Honma Beres IE-06 3-Star Individual Irons – (Graphite)

Hand: Right Hand
Loft: 5 Iron
Flex: Regular Flex
Shaft: Beres ARMRQ X
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Honma Beres IE-06 3-Star Individual Irons – (Graphite)
Loft : 5 Iron
Flex : Regular Flex
Hand : Right Hand
Shaft : Beres ARMRQ X
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Honma Beres IE-06 3-Star Individual Irons – (Graphite)
Price: $509.99
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Product Information

Key Features of the Honma Beres IE-06 3-Star Irons:

  • Full profile irons designed to equip the discerning golfer with the confidence to launch solid shots into the green
  • 20g tungsten sole allows for high shot trajectory and delivers maximum carry distance for moderate speed golfers
  • Large, thin, fast face and wider sole provides exceptional gliding techniques and incredible forgiveness on mishits

    Experience the best in fine craftsmanship and attention to detail with the Honma Beres IE-06 Irons. Designed with a beautiful full profile, the easy to hit iron equips discerning golfers with the confidence they need to launch solid shots into the green. The 20g tungsten sole allows for high trajectory and delivers incredible carry distance for the moderate speed golfer. Exceptional gliding through the turf and inspiring forgiveness on mishits is accomplished from the large fast face and wider sole.

      Design Details:

      • Constructed by master craftsmen in Sakata Japan committed to making the highest quality and top-level performance golf clubs
      • ARMRQ X shaft, assembled with exclusive 10-axis aerospace-grade nano fiber graphite, is designed to enhance overall club performance
      • Honma ARMRQ shafts provide a combination of high tensile strength with high elasticity to deliver impact from the head of the club
      • IE-06 3-Star Irons includes Honma’s upgraded ARMRQ shaft that provides lower torque and improved recovery resulting in enhanced accuracy
      • Shaft: Beres ARMRQ X 43 3-Star Shaft
      • Flex: R
        • Weight: 44.5g (5I); 45g (6I); 46g (7I); 48g (8I); 47.5g (9I); 51g (10I); 50.5g (11/SW)
        • Torque: 3.74° (5I); 3.67° (6I); 3.6° (7I); 3.47° (8I); 3.4° (9I); 3.27° (10I); 3.19° (11/SW)
        • Kick Point: Low
      • Grip: Honma Beres Rubber III 36 Gold Grip
      • Brand : Honma

      • Web ID: 19AQ7MBRS063SXXXXWDG
      • SKU: 20222678
      ModelLoftLieLengthSwing Weight
      5 Iron24°61°38"C6
      6 Iron27°61.5°37.5"C6
      7 Iron30°62°37"C6
      8 Iron34°62.5°36.5"C6
      9 Iron38°63°36"C6
      10 Iron43°63°35.5"C6
      11 Iron49°63°35"C6
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