Cobra F-MAX Hybrid/Irons – (Graphite)

Cobra F-MAX Hybrid/Irons – (Graphite)

Now: $499.99
Was: $699.99
Hand: Right Hand
Includes: 4-5H, 6-PW
Shaft: Cobra F-MAX SuperLite Graphite
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Cobra F-MAX Hybrid/Irons – (Graphite)
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Cobra F-MAX Hybrid/Irons – (Graphite)
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Through an interview and thorough swing analysis, we determine what specifications you need to optimize your iron play.

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Product Information

Fine tune your approach play with Cobra F-MAX Hybrid/Irons. Cobra’s lightest, easiest-to-hit hybrids ever feature back/heel CG placement, an offset neck and forged 450 SS faces designed to help maximize performance and forgiveness. F-MAX Irons feature a low-profile head design and higher lofts to help golfers get the ball airborne and on the intended target line. Specialty wedges, equipped with versatile sole profiles, elevate scoring performance.

Cobra F-MAX Hybrid/Irons: Hosel Offset

Cobra F-MAX Hybrid/Irons: Hosel Offset

  • Offset models feature a slightly offset hosel and is engineered for golfers with moderate swing speeds who require maximum draw bias
Cobra F-MAX Hybrids: Easy Up and Straight. More Accuracy. Period.

F-MAX Hybrid: Easy Up and Straight. More Accuracy. Period.

  • A – Back/Heel CG A fixed back weight positioned near the heel promotes straighter, more forgiving ball flights
  • B – Forged Titanium 6-4 Face Engineered to deliver improved ball speeds across the face for more consistent performance
  • C – Crown Alignment A visually appealing crown alignment detail makes it easy to align the club head at address for straighter trajectories down the target line
Cobra F-MAX Irons: Designed with Ease of Launch and Forgiveness in Mind

F-MAX Irons: Designed with Ease of Launch and Forgiveness in Mind

  • A – Back/Heel CG Weight is strategically positioned back and heelward to promote straighter, more forgiving ball flights
  • B – Improved Club Head Construction Deeper undercut head design and progressive head constructions optimize launch, forgiveness and response
  • C – Greater Lofts Weaker iron lofts benefit golfers with moderate swing speeds by promoting easier launch for maximum carry distance
Lightweight Technology Built for Effortless Speed & Distance

Lightweight Technology Built for Effortless Speed and Distance

  • A – F-MAX Lamkin REL Mid-Size Grip Larger, midsize grip improves comfort and consistency with every swing
  • B – Cobra F-MAX SuperLite Graphite Shaft Lighter shaft weight helps golfers with moderate swing speeds generate more club head speed with less effort for maximum distance
  • C – Lighter Swing Weight Lighter swing weights improve comfort during the swing to help moderate swingers see improvements in launch and speed
  • Brand : Cobra

ModelLoftLieLengthOffsetSwing Weight
3 Hybrid19°N/A40.25"N/AD0
4 Hybrid22°N/A39.75"N/AD0
5 Hybrid25°N/A39"N/AD0
6 Hybrid28°N/A38.5"N/AD0
7 Hybrid31°N/A38"N/AD0
4 Iron22°61°39.25"6.3mmC9
5 Iron25°61.5°38.5"5.9mmC9
6 Iron28°62°37.75"5.4mmC9
7 Iron31.5°62.5°37.25"4.7mmC9
8 Iron35.5°63°36.75"3.9mmC9
9 Iron40°63.5°36.25"3.4mmC9
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