Cleveland Women's Smart Sole 4 Wedges – (Graphite)

Cleveland Women's Smart Sole 4 Wedges – (Graphite)

Hand: Right Hand
Shaft: Cleveland Smart Sole Graphite
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Cleveland Women's Smart Sole 4 Wedges – (Graphite)
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Cleveland Women's Smart Sole 4 Wedges – (Graphite)
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One of the best ways to lower your score is to focus on the short game. A tap-in putt is usually the result of a dead-solid wedge shot. Improve your short game with a professional wedge fitting at Golf Galaxy.

Through an interview and an evaluation of your wedge technique, we can determine the proper type(s) and loft(s) of wedges that are best suited for you.

Sole design, loft and club length are the key elements. Based on the interview and short game swing analysis, we determine the proper wedge sole design to optimize performance on the short approaches and scoring shots around the green. We find the best loft options based on your current set make-up and the distance gapping needs that enhance your ability to control distance and trajectory on short approaches, chip shots, pitches and sand shots. The proper length of each wedge is measured to further enhance your distance and control.

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Better Control

Bounce Angles
Wedges come in standard, low or high bounce options. Bounce is built into the sole in order to keep it from digging into the ground or sand. We match the amount of bounce on your wedges to the grass and soil conditions of the courses you play as well as to your own swing style.

Wedge Gapping
Gone are the days when golfers play a standard pitching and sand wedge. Players today may embrace four wedges in order to take any of the guesswork out of shots from 120 yards in. There's no right or wrong number of wedges for your bag. However, filling the gaps will elevate your short game. We work with you to determine the best mix for you to shave more strokes. You can also use our online Wedge Gapping Tool to find the wedges best for your game and iron set.
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Product Information

PLEASE NOTE: Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedges are sold individually

    Key Features of the Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedges:

    • Smart Sole 4C (chipper) wedges feature a refined sole to ensure crisp, clean contact. Designed with the optimal loft for chipping (42°)
    • Smart Sole 4G (gap) wedges feature 50° of loft and an extra-wide sole designed to help golfers with full-shot capability and incredible versatility
    • Smart Sole 4S (sand) wedges feature 58° of loft and an extra-wide sole designed to help golfers easily get up and down from any lie, especially on bunker shots
    • Extra wide three-tiered sole constructions feature unique designs, all engineered to help address the short game needs of all golfers
    • Improved Feel Balancing Technology moves weight from the hosel to the toe in models to position the CG closer to the center of the face
    • Placing the CG closer to the center of the face results in tighter dispersion, improved feel and enhanced accuracy
    • New CNC milled grooves deliver maximum spin performance to enhance stopping power and control around the green

    Embrace your short game performance with the Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedges. All three of the wedges feature an extra wide three-tiered sole construction that delivers maximum forgiveness from any lie condition. Feel Balancing Technology allows the Center of Gravity to be moved closer to the center of the face for improved feel and consistency. New CNC milled grooves deliver increased spin on all of your shots for incredible stopping power around the green.

      Design Details:

    • Equips golfers who need more short game assistance with maximum forgiveness and easier bunker play
    • Optimized loft and lie specifications allow for greater success on chip shots (Smart Sole 4C), full/pitch shots (Smart Sole 4G) and towering shots (Smart Sole 4S) around the green
    • Shaft: Cleveland Women’s Smart Sole Graphite Shaft
    • Grip: Lamkin Women’s 360 Grip
      • Brand : Cleveland

      ModelLoftLieLengthSwing Weight
      Smart Sole 4C42°66°33.125"C5
      Smart Sole 4G50°64°34.625"C5
      Smart Sole 4S58°64°34.375"C7
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