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Shop Women's Golf Apparel From Golf Galaxy



At Golf Galaxy, you'll find a great selection of ladies' golf clothing designed to provide eye-catching, feminine fits and performance-focused comfort. Check out women's golf clothing for all course conditions, including:

  • Women's Golf Shirts: For warm days, you'll find a wide selection of short-sleeve and sleeveless options. Features like stretch fabric and moisture-wicking properties will keep you cool and dry on all 18 holes. On chilly days, Golf Galaxy has you covered with long-sleeve polos, crews, turtlenecks and more designed to trap heat while releasing moisture for ultimate comfort.
  • Golf Skirts & Skorts: Play like a pro in skirts and skorts from great brands like Nike', PUMA' and adidas'. Features like elastic waistbands and performance-stretch fabrics allow for full range of motion on every swing.
  • Women's Golf Pants & Capris: Choose classic styles like khaki, black or navy pants, or try a bold, plaid print to make a statement on the golf course.

You'll also find an array of stylish-but-functional shorts, cozy sweaters and a great selection of outerwear to keep you warm and dry when conditions are less than ideal.

Stand out with unique, flattering options from brands like EP Pro', LIJA' or the great selection of styles available in the Jamie Sadock collection.

Buying Tips

When playing in the heat, choose moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. Consider a fashionable sleeveless option that doesn't restrict your movement. Women's golf clothing with UV protection and golf hats shield you from the sun's harmful UV rays. Keep sweat from getting in your eyes with a golf visor, and wear wristbands to keep your hands from slipping on your grip.

High-performance golf pants and golf jackets will keep you dry in the rain and warm in the cold wind ' without making you look bulky. Dress in layers so you can adjust to the rising or falling temperature.

Expert Advice

Freedom of motion is important for all golfers. Look for women's golf apparel made from stretchable fabrics so your clothing never gets in the way of your game. Buy shirts long enough so your stomach doesn't show while you swing.

Don't overlook your socks. Buy a golf-specific design that will provide you comfort and keep your feet from slipping in your golf shoes.

Choose from a variety of lightweight golf belts to pull your look together.