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TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x Golf Balls

Product Details

Experience incredible tee-to-green performance with TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x golf balls. TP5 and TP5x are the only Tour golf balls with five-layer technology, designed to provide the complete combination of flight, velocity, feel and control.

�We first launched the TP5 and 5x in 2017, and since then we�ve grown our golf ball business by over 50 percent,� says Eric Loper, director of R&D for golf balls at TaylorMade. �That�s because golfers are noticing the performance gains out on the course with our five-layer construction in both the TP5 and the 5x.�

Golfers can also try the new TP5 Pix golf balls inspired by the colorful personality of Tour star Rickie Fowler. The TP5 Pix features red and yellow contrast graphics on the cover that allow you to see the ball�s rotation more clearly, giving you instant feedback on your performance.

Learn more about why golfers everywhere trust TP5 and TP5x.

Five-Layer Construction

TaylorMade�s proprietary five-layer design enhances speed without diminishing spin. The Tri-Fast core allows for maximum carry with low drag, while the Dual-Spin cover ensures soft feel and durability.

�When you think about a golf ball, we�re asking that golf ball to do many different things on the course,� Loper says. �To maximize distance, you�re looking for high launch/low spin. For maximizing control around the green, you�re looking for high spin and low launch � that�s the challenge that engineers in the golf ball industry have. The benefit of the five layers is we�re able to de-couple the driver- and iron-spin performance from the wedge performance.�

New Speed-Layer System

The 2019 TP5 and TP5x golf balls feature a new Speed-Layer System, comprised of four increasingly stiff layers that provide more distance off the tee, more control in the wind, and more spin around the greens.

New High-Flex Material (HFM)

New for 2019, HFM acts like a tightly wound spring that builds energy and rebounds quickly, giving you more ball speed.

�It�s the fastest material we�ve ever used in a golf ball,� Loper says. �We�re using it in the fourth layer, the layer just under the soft, cast-urethane cover. As the ball compresses with your driver, it�s going to come off faster.�

TP5 vs. TP5x

Which ball is better for your game? Learn more about the differences between TP5 and TP5x.

The softer TP5 has a compression of 85. It is deisgned to fly lower on iron shots for added distance while offering more spin on wedge shots into the green.

The compression on the TP5x was raised from 90 to 97 for 2019, provding an overall firmer feel. The 5x offers higher launch on iron shots.

TP5/TP5x On Tour

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