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Nike Brazen Boost Sunglasses
  • Matte Black/Grey
  • Obsidian/Grey
Nike Brazen Boost Sunglasses

$125.00 - $145.00

WAS: $139.00 - $159.00*

Nike Endure Sunglasses
  • Ember Glow/Pink Rise
  • Matte Black/Dark Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Dark Grey/Green
  • Tortoise/Brown
Nike Endure Sunglasses

$85.00 - $105.00

Nike Maverick Free Sunglasses
  • Black/Dark Grey
  • Olive/Grey
Nike Maverick Free Sunglasses

$149.00 - $155.00

WAS: $155.00*

Nike Myriad Sunglasses
  • Pacific Blue/Mirror
  • Clear/Pink
  • Clear/White
  • Purple/Red
Nike Myriad Sunglasses

$99.00 - $105.00


Get the Best Sunglasses for Golf


Be the envy of your foursome. Find stylish golf sunglasses to help your performance.

Sunglasses made specifically for golf help you better distinguish the course and follow your ball flight � without interfering with your swing. The best golf sunglasses absorb blue light. The effect enhances green colors and makes the white ball easier to see against a green background. A blue or gray sky becomes muted.

Discover a variety of frames and variety of models that fit your game and style. Choose from sporty designs with no frame around the bottom of the lenses, or find traditional looking sunglasses that can provide similar golfing benefits.

Pick from top brands like Oakley, Costa Del Mar, Sundog, Tifosi and Under Armour.

Buying Tips

Choose golf sunglasses with 100 percent UV protection.

Uncover new lens technology. Find polarized golf sunglasses and sunglasses with iridium-coated lenses that also reduce glare and, in addition, balance light transmission.

Get a pair of golf sunglasses with a perfect fit. Sunglasses must stay in position on the bridge of your nose when you look down to swing, and they must not distort your vision to the hole as you aim for your putt. Find a pair with nose pad options for customizable fit. Choose sunglasses with flexible arms so they remain comfortable during a round of 18.

Expert Advice

Consider the following lens colors for your next pair of sunglasses:

  • Amber and Brown: These brown colors block out blue light, which increases contrast of green colors. For changeable weather conditions, amber and brown tints are ideal.
  • Gray and Green: Considered neutral colors, gray and green tints cut the sun�s rays without considerably affecting true colors. Gray tint is best for sunny days.
  • Yellow: Ideal on cloudy days, yellow lenses reduce glare and improve contrast.
  • Rose and Red: Effective on the putting green, not ideal for the fairways. These tints heighten contrast, but distort colors.