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Golf GPS Watches Offer Powerful Features in Small Package


Give your game a boost of confidence with golf GPS watches.

Packed with thousands of preloaded golf courses, discover distances to front, center and back of the greens at your fingertips.

In just a couple clicks, get accurate, valuable information to get you to the pin.

Get the best GPS golf watches from brands like Bushnell, Garmin and more at Golf Galaxy. Choose black or white models with a variety of accent colors.

Buying Tips

Find the right golf GPS watch for your game. Analyze the following features:

  • Course availability
  • Display options
  • Weather resistance
  • Subscription fees
  • Battery life
  • PC/Software compatibility
  • Additional features, like an odometer

Expert Advice

If you don�t regularly wear a watch while you play, then golf GPS watches might take some getting used to. However, most users find GPS watches lightweight and comfortable.

The latest GPS watches offer advanced features, like a touchscreen. Keep score digitally and analyze your game. Download your data, break down your game and share your successes with other golfers.

Never miss another text because your smart phone is buried in your bag. Look for watches that wirelessly display alerts from your phone.