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A divot tool is a must-have accessory for every golfer. Fix your pitch marks in a flash with a divot repair tool from Golf Galaxy. Choose from top brands like TaylorMade', Odyssey', Maxfli' and more.

Divot tools also make great gifts for golfers. Consider a tool that includes a magnetic ball marker for added convenience. Looking for more? Check out our entire selection of essential golf accessories.

How To Use A Divot Tool

Insert the prongs into the ground just outside of the divot at a 45-degree angle. Push the tool straight down and then forward towards the center of the pitch mark to close the gap left by the ball'avoid pulling up on the tool as this could damage the green further. Repeat this process around the pitch mark until the gap is closed. Then, using your putter, gently tap down on the area until the turf is even with the surrounding green.