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Shop the new line of Cobra RADSPEED clubs at Golf Galaxy. What is the name RADSPEED all about, anyway? It refers to radial weighting, or the strategic placement of weight relative to the center of gravity (CG). By focusing more attention on this vital detail, Cobra has created a line of advanced clubs optimized for speed, forgiveness and accuracy.

Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

Cobra has released three variations of the RADSPEED driver: the standard RADSPEED, the RADSPEED XB, and the RADSPEED XD.

  • The standard RADSPEED driver has a substantial amount of weight towards the front of the club to provide the fastest ball speeds, lowest spin rates and most workability of the three models. There are two fixed 8g radial weights at the front of the club plus a 12g moveable weight that, all combined, promote ultra-low spin and enhanced speed. In the back, there is one fixed 8g weight and a 2g adjustable weight to provide optimum front-to-back weighting with exceptional forgiveness. If you're looking for higher launch and extra forgiveness, you can simply swap the 12g and 2g adjustable weights.
  • The RADSPEED XB, which stands for extreme back weighting, is the most forgiving driver in the RADSPEED line. This driver has 20g of weight positioned at the back of the club (14g fixed and 6g interchangeable) to help off-center hits fly true. Cobra added 8g of fixed weight at the front of the club to help keep spin rates low and ball flight long.
  • The RADSPEED XD is a great choice for players seeking more draw-biased ball flight. Cobra placed 10g of radial weighting in the heel to help players close the clubface through impact, resulting in the right-to-left ball movement many players crave (or left-to-right for southpaws). The RADSPEED XD also includes 14g of weight in the back to provide added forgiveness, and 8g towards the front to promote fast ball speeds.

RADSPEED Fairways & Hybrids

Like the drivers, RADSPEED fairways and hybrids are available in multiple variations to help players get the best fit for their game. Let's start with the fairway woods:

  • The standard RADSPEED fairway wood promotes neutral ball flight, with 16g of weight in the front and 7g in the back. This balanced design encourages high launch and low spin off the turf or tee.
  • The RADSPEED Draw is ideal for players who struggle with slicing. It features 16g of radial weighting in the heel along with an additional 7g in the back to promote draw-biased ball flight.
  • If you're looking for a fairway that creates the least amount of spin, go with the RADSPEED Big Tour 3 wood. The Big Tour has a larger profile than the other RADSPEED fairways, with front-based weighting behind a slightly deeper face to create the lowest CG in the line.
  • Finally, the RADSPEED Tour 5 wood offers the most workability of any RADSPEED fairway. Front-based weights occupy a compact head shape to promote low launch and low spin.

RADSPEED hybrids have 6g of internal weighting in the front and 7g in the back to provide high-launching, forgiving performance. The forged face promotes fast ball speeds, while Cobra's trademark Baffler Rails on the sole help the club glide smoothly through all types of turf. DICK'S also carries RADSPEED one-length hybrids that each feature a matching shaft length of 37.5 inches.


Cobra's latest game-improvement irons have also received the radial-weighting treatment. RADSPEED irons feature a 10g weight low in the toe area and 3g in the heel to generate long, high-launching shots with exceptional forgiveness on mis-hits.

RADSPEED irons are also the first clubs to utilize 3D-printed materials in the manufacturing process. Cobra places a 3D-printed polymer within the cavity to save additional weight and improve feel.

Cobra continues to lead the charge on single-length irons. Every RADSPEED one-length iron has a shaft that's 37.5 inches long, which can help players swing their irons with more consistency. If you want to learn more about how one-length irons can help your game, schedule an iron fitting at your local Golf Galaxy store.

Learn more about each club available in the new RADSPEED family, and get the best price at Golf Galaxy.