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Wedge Gap Analysis


fittingIcon_driverWedge Gap Analysis addresses the needs of the player in the short game category. Through a player interview and an evaluation of the player’s wedge technique, the proper type(s) and loft(s) of wedges that are best suited for the player will be determined. The key elements addressed are sole design, loft and club length. Based on the player interview and short game swing analysis, the proper wedge sole design to optimize performance on the short approaches and scoring shots around the green is determined. The best loft options are found based on the player’s current set make-up and the distance gapping needs that enhance the ability of the player to control distance and trajectory on short approaches, chip shots pitches and sand shots. The proper length of each wedge is measured to further enhance the player’s distance and accuracy control and provide the desired feel in the wedges.

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There has been a lot of talk about the new Condition of Competition grooves in wedges and irons lately. All grooves are conforming, and it just depends on which tournaments you play in. If you compete in lower tier Professional tours and elite Amateur USGA events you will need to conform to the new Condition of Competition grooves by 2014. For Amateur players of all other skill levels, you have until 2024.

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Once the game of golf gets inside your blood you start to live for shooting lower scores each time you hit the course. One of the best ways to improve scoring is to dial in the short game with precision and confidence. A tap-in putt is usually the result of a dead-solid wedge shot. And a great short game starts with a professional wedge fitting at Golf Galaxy.


The Right Angle For Each Shot

One factor in effective wedge play is matching the bounce angle with the shot at hand. Bounce angle is the angle from the line drawn from the sole of the wedge to its leading edge. Wedge bounce is built into the sole in order to keep it from digging into the ground or sand. Wedges come in standard, low or high bounce options. We match the amount of bounce on your wedges to the grass and soil conditions of the courses you play as well as to your own swing style.

Gap Analysis

Wedges have been a great source of discussion. Aside from the discussion on grooves and degrees, gone are the days when golfers play a standard pitching and sand wedge. Players today may embrace four wedges in order to take any of the guesswork out of shots from 120 yards in. There’s no right or wrong number of wedges for your bag, and filling the gaps will elevate your short game. We work with you to determine the best mix for you to shave more strokes.

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