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Titleist 718 818 Club Family

Power. Play. Maximum distance. maximum forgiveness. titelist look and feel.
Ultra-forgiving,progressive-design irons.
Maximum distance
A thin, fast, unsupported face generates more ball speed for more distance. Hollow-body long irons maximize carry distance on longer shots into the green.
Maximum forgiveness
A higher MOI provieds you with more area across the face to hit it pure. An improved leading edge creates more efficient turf interaction for more consistent contact.
The look, sound and feel that you've come to expect from a Titelist iron, elivered in a premium game-improvement profile.

Pure. Gold. The gold standard for modern tour irons.
Tour-proven, co-forged cavity back irons.
Tour proven and performance validated. Maximizes speed and MOI, producing consistent distance on every shot.
Forgiveness and stability are delivered through precise perimeter weighting and a unique co-forged construction.
Preferred look, sound and pure forged feel with a refined leading edge for more efficient turf interaction.

High. Speed.The players distance iron.
Players distance, hollow-blade irons.
High ball speed & launch through hollow-blade construction and L-Face inserts. Generates shot-stopping spin on longer shots.
The forgiveness of a game-improvement iron packed into the look and feel of a players iron.
New, preferred players shape appeals to golfers needing distance and forgiveness while maintaining control and solid feel.

Modern. Muscle. Technically advanced distance muscle back.
Technical muscle-back, hollow-body irons.
Initially designed as a utility iron, T-MB delivers high launch and more distance in a technical, muscle-back shape.
A hollow-body, multi-material construction incorporates high-density tungsten, and a thin unsupported face creates faster ball speeds and Tour-validated feel.
More distance through optimized launch and spin for shots that launch higher and land soft.

Modern. Classic.Tour-proven cavity back for playability and precision.
A classically styled cavity back that plays exactly how you expect. With playable shot control when you want it, and forgiving performance where you need it.
The refined leading edge creates more esicient turf interaction, enhancing the CB's solid forged feel. Create smooth contact and launch with every swing.
A compact but forgiving blade that delivers Tour-proven trajectory and shotmaking, shot after shot. A remarkably consistent iron that lets you play the course the way you want to.

Classic. Muscle.Modern Muscle back designed for precision shotmaking.
Each MB iron is forged from a single billet of carbon steel for the purest look, sound and feel possible.
Its simple, compact blade profile is a product of modern technology with performance packed into every club.
Strategically designed CG locations deliver superior shotmaking and responsive feedback, allowing you to hit any shot possible.

Scoring. Distance. Metalwood-inspired profile
promotes max forgiveness.
Precise. Distance. Iron-like design delivers complete
shot-shaping control.
Complete Adjustability
SureFit CG Weights along with SureFit Hosel adjustability give you maximum shot-shape control from tee and turf. Available in both H1 and H2.
Effortless Distance
Active Recoil ChannelTM 2.0 generates faster ball speeds through its improved channel and flexing polymer insert, producing a significant advantage in carry distance and making these Titleist's longest, most consistent hybrids ever.
Long game advantage
With a 10% increase in MOI from its predecessor, 818 hybrids offer more forgiveness and stability through and optimally positioned, deep CG. No matter the shot in front of you, be confident that Titelist has engineered these hybrids with unparalleled forgiveness.