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PING G Fast and Forgiving

PING G Family 2016 PING G Family 2016

G Drivers: Faster Is Better Off the Tee

section title decorator G Drivers
Faster Design
Faster Design:
  • Speed generating aerodynamics reduce drag 37% and increase carry distance 3-4 yards
T9S Titanium Face
T9S Titanium Face:
  • Thinner, hotter for max deflection and distance
Faster Clubhead & Ball Speeds
Faster Clubhead & Ball Speeds:
  • Turbulator Technology, VorTec and face/crown transition combine for more efficient airflow
Trajectory Tuning Technology
Trajectory Tuning Technology:
  • 5-lobe hosel sleeve allows ±1 degree of loft adjustment
Dragonfly Technology
Dragonfly Technology:
  • Ultra-thin crown sections save 8 grams of weight to optimize CG and MOI
Lowest, Deepest CG & Highest MOI
Lowest, Deepest CG & Highest MOI:
  • PING's longest, straightest driver delivers forgiveness and consistency
Vortec Technology
Vortec™ Technology:
  • Minimizes wake turbulence for faster clubhead speed and stabilizes
PING G Drivers

G Fairways: Uncompromising Design

section title decorator G Fairways
Turbulator Technology / Easy to Get Airborn
Turbulator Technology:
  • Accurate alignment, captured look, more aerodynamic
Easy to Get Airborn:
  • Low profile lead edge design and optimized CG for higher launch and more forgiveness
Longer, More Forgiving
Longer, More Forgiving:
  • Carpenter 455 Face and tiered internal sole design increases face bending for higher launching, longer results
Lower Lead Edge
Lower Lead Edge:
  • Sits closer to ground and moves impact area higher on face for more solid contact
25% Thinner Crown
25% Thinner Crown:
  • Weight savings (7 grams) lower CG and raise MOI
Stretch 3-Wood / Atlas High-Balance Point Shaft
Stretch 3-Wood:
  • Larger head (184cc vs. 167cc) and deeper CG
Atlas High-Balance Point Shaft:
  • More energy, momentum and inertia means long, straight shots
PING G Fairways

G Hybrids: Get Closer, Easier

section title decorator G Hybrids
Long & Forgiving
Long & Forgiving:
  • Fast and stable head design for higher launch and 4 more yards of carry
Variable Thickness Carpenter 455 Face
Variable Thickness Carpenter 455 Face:
  • Hotter for faster ball speeds across face and longer distance
Tiered Internal Sole
Tiered Internal Sole:
  • Engages bending across entire face for more ball speed and distance
Turbulator Technology / Atlas High-Balance Point Shaft
Turbulator Technology:
  • Helps with alignment, frames the ball, inspires confidence
Atlas High-Balance Point Shaft:
  • More energy, momentum and inertia means long, straight shots
PING G Hybrid

G Irons: Hit & Hold Greens Like a Professional

section title decorator G Irons
Hyper 17-4 Stainless Steel
Hyper 17-4 Stainless Steel:
  • Heat treating increases material strength 40% for thinner face, adding 5 yards of carry distance
Hit & Hold Greens
Hit & Hold Greens:
  • A deeper CG position ensures higher launching shots for stopping power
COR-Eye Technology
COR-Eye™ Technology:
  • Revolutionary design increases ball speed 1.25 mph for distance with control
Perimeter Weighting
Perimeter Weighting:
  • Weight concentrated on the toe and hosel increases the MOI for accuracy and consistency
PING G Irons

G Crossover: Blur the Line Between Hybrid & Iron

section title decorator G Crossover
A New Category
A New Category:
  • Ball speed, distance and trajectory of hybrid; distance control, spin and accuracy of iron
Flat Face / Carpenter 455 Face
Flat Face:
  • Iron-like design provides workability and distance control
Carpenter 455 Face:
  • Strong alloy ensures consistency in face design for higher launching, longer results
Tiered Internal Sole
Tiered Internal Sole:
  • Distributes energy to entire face for maximum bending and distance
Low, Back CG Position
Low, Back CG Position:
  • Forgiveness, higher max height, ball lands softly on green
High MOI
High MOI:
  • Internal toe weight expands perimeter weighting for hybrid-like forgiveness
PING G Crossover