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New Titleist SM6

Titleist SM6 Wedges Titleist SM6 Wedges

Vokey Design Spin Milled 6 wedges deliver elevated performance across the three components of wedge play:
Distance Gapping, Shot Versatility, & Spin.

Progressive CG:
CG enables players to more consistently hit precise distances with their preferred trajectory

Low CG Cutaway

Low CG:
Low Lofts (46-52): Lower CG increases energy transfer efficiency for more ball speed & superior feel.

Low CG Figure
Mid CG Cutaway

Mid CG:
Mid Lofts (54 & 56): Mid CG position aligned for improved distance and trajectory control.

Mid CG Figure
High CG Cutaway

High CG:
High Lofts (58-62): Higher CG tightens distance dispersion for better distance gapping and ball flight control.

High CG Figure

Bob Vokey's Tour Validated Grinds:
Provide each golfer with shot versatility for their swing type and course conditions

M Grind S Grind F Grind L Grind K Grind
Grind M Grind S Grind F Grind L Grind K Grind
Details Heel, toe and trailing edge grind provides for maximum versatility around the greens Trailing edge and heel grind provides stability on full shots while maintaining versatility around the greens Traditional full sole with medium to high bounce. An all-purpose wedge, particularly suited for full shots Enhanced heel, toe and trailing edge grind provides maximum versatility best fit for firm playing conditions The wide sole provides for excellent bunker play, while camber enhances greenside shot versatility
Swing Type Shallow/Neutral Neutral/Steep Shallow/Neutral/Steep Shallow Neutral/Steep
Condition Type Firm/Medium Medium/Soft Firm/Medium/Soft Firm Medium/Soft
Bounce Low to Medium Bounce Mid Bounce Mid Bounce, High Bounce Low Bounce High Bounce

TX4 Grooves:
100% inspected TX4 grooves and face texture deliver more spin and control

TX4 grooves feature new parallel face texture creating a more consistent groove edge and tighter quality tolerances.
The result is more spin.

Low loft wedges (46-54) are designed with narrower, deeper grooves. Higher loft wedges (56-62) have wider grooves. These distinct designs deliver optimized golf ball to groove edge contact for maximum spin.

TX4 Grooves
Titleist SM6 Wedges