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Golf Ball Buying Guide

Each shot counts—and your golf ball is used on every one. Find the best fit for your game with the help of our golf ball buying guide. Learn about golf ball constructions and materials and compare top balls from your favorite brands, including Titleist and Callaway.


Dimples are impressions on the surface of the ball. They reduce drag and alter trajectory. Larger, shallower dimples promote higher flight.

The cover is often made of Surlyn or urethane. Surlyn is durable and enhances distance and spin. Urethane is softer and offers better feel and control.

The design of the core affects performance. A stiffer core generates greater spin and feels firmer on contact. A larger core produces more power, which increases speed.


  • Mantle layer(s) for expanded control and feel.
  • Thin (popularly urethane) cover for extra spin.
  • Made for faster swings.


  • Large core for better distance.
  • Thick (commonly Surlyn) cover for improved durability.
  • Low spin for reduced curve.


For high-spin performance and control on approach. More spin means precision and stopping power around the green.

For consistent distance and flight off the tee. They offer heightened initial velocity and a penetrating trajectory.


High-performance balls played by professionals on tour. They meet all USGA standards for construction, including weight and size.

Add names, monograms and phrases to your preferred balls from top brands. Or add a personal touch to gifts for the golfers in your life.

Colored balls provide bold style and superior visibility on the course. Popular colors include yellow, orange, green and pink.


Product Pro V1 Speed Regime 1 TOUR B330
Overview Exceptional feel, distance and durability. Optimal balance of power and control. Better distance for faster swings.
Customer Review "Best there is period. If you can find a better ball, then you better buy it. You just won't find one."

Gm from TN
"I've gotten more distance and better feel around the green with this ball than any others I've used."

LIGolfer from NY
"I am a bit of a golf ball snob. I am a believer when it comes to the Bridgestone golf balls."

Ratherbgolfn from OH
Price Level $$$ $$$ $$$
Product NXT Tour HEX Chrome+ TOUR B330-RXS
Overview Soft feel, great distance. Optimal distance and speed. Greater spin for slower swings.
Customer Review "I have used NXT for a number of years as it provides consistent performance for my skill level!"

Tezman from TX
"I like the feel and response of the HEX Chrome balls, and they are an excellent value."

Mike from VA
"Like the softness of the ball and spin ratio for a person with a mid-level swing speed"

Golffanatic from TN
Price Level $$ $$ $$$
Product DT SoLo Supersoft e6
Overview More distance, softer feel. Longer, straighter and softer. Maximum distance.
Customer Review "Great feel at impact and excellent distance. Good for checking up on the green for 100 yards and in"

Jon Cochran from OH
"Great golf balls. I’m a 20 handicap 86 year old golfer who needs all the distance he can get."

Bill from DE
"The ball is well suited to the level of player that I am. I need help keeping the ball on the short grass off the tee"

MW from MN
Price Level $ $ $