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Counterbalance Putters

Steady your stroke - counterbalance for more stability

It's amazing what a little extra weight can do.

Golfers looking to make the switch from a long putter — an elongated club anchored to the chest or stomach for stability during swing — benefit from the added weight of a counterbalance putter.

"The benefit of a long putter is not the anchoring — it's the added weight," said Chris Marchini, general manager of the Golf Galaxy store in Robinson, Pa. "If you ask most amateurs who play, they're not using (the belly putter) to anchor it to themselves, they're just benefiting from that extra weight, and they get that weight with the counterbalance putter."

Counterbalance putters are crafted with extra weight in the grip area and a heavier clubhead. This weighting technique quells a golfer's tendency to rotate their hands as they putt — producing added stability and smoothness for accuracy on each putt.

The United States Golf Association announced earlier this year that it will ban the use of belly and long putters in 2016. For golfers who are accustomed to the anchoring and extra weight of a long putter, it's a seamless transition: Counterbalance putters deliver the same feel as conventional putters, yet with the added weight of a belly or long putter — and without their cumbersome look.

The counterbalance putter is a match for golfers who:

  • Have shaky hands on the putt
  • Rotate their hands open or closed during putt
  • Find themselves swinging too quickly

Not all counterbalance putters are created equal. From lightweight putters with optimal feel to those built to maximize strength and stability, the feel of your putter is essential. Visit the Golf Galaxy store nearest you to hit balls on one of our putting greens, and let our experts find the right counterbalance putter for your game.