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Cobra KING F6 Clubs

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King F6 Driver

King F6 Driver Front or Back Adjustable CG Technology
Front or Back Adjustable CG Technology:
  • Maximize distance and driving performance
  • The front CG weight delivers a penetrating ball flight with more roll to maximize distance
  • The back CG weight position delivers a towering ball flight with more carry
Speed Channel Face
Speed Channel® Face:
  • An exclusive COBRA innovation
  • An engineered trench around the perimiter of the face minimizes thickness and increases ball speeds across the face for incredible distance
Next Generation T.O.P. Technology
Next Generation T.O.P. Technology:
  • Thin-Optimized-Personalized (TOP) technology with a new 8-1-1 Titanium Body & Carbon Fiber Crown allows the position of weight low and deep for ultimate distance and max forgiveness
Re-engineered E9 Zone Face Structure
Re-engineered E9 Zone Face Structure:
  • Forged 8-1-1 titanium is lighter, thinner and hotter
  • Delivers larger, more effective Sweet Zone® with longer, straighter drives on off-center contact
MyFly8 and SmartPad Technology
MyFly8® and SmartPad® Technology:
  • MyFly8® adjustability offers eight loft settings to manage trajectory forgiveness
  • SmartPad® technology squares face at address regardless of loft
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King F6+ Driver

King F6+ Driver Front or Back Adjustable CG Technology
Front or Back Adjustable CG Technology:
  • The result is even more adjustable launch, spin and forgiveness in five different front to back CG settings delivering max distance for different golfer needs
CarbonTracTMTechnology view 1

New, revolutionary CarbonTracTMTechnology replaces the heavy titanium track structure typically needed for an adjustable sliding weight system.

This new design saves weight from the track and allows for more weight to be repositioned into the moveable weight.

CarbonTracTMTechnology view 2
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King F6 Irons

King F6 Irons

KING F6 Irons: Breaking new ground in progressive design

Full Hollow:

A full hollow design with face insert in the long irons (3i–51) delivers low CG and a highly responsive face for easier to hit, higher flying long irons.

Half Hollow:

A half hollow design in the mid irons (6i–7i) provides an extremely thin face design with added discretionary weight for optimal CG positioning which delivers more precise, easy to hit mid irons.


The cavity back design in the scoring irons (8i–PW) allows for a low/back CG position that provides more spin and added shot control.


Specialty wedge design (GW–SW) provides added versatility and shot control around the greens.

Progressive Spin Tech:
  • Optimized spin and launch conditions for every club in the set
    • V-Grooves on the 4–6 irons: reduce spin from the long irons to increase distance and consistency
    • U-Grooves on the 7–PW: U-Grooves provide optimized spin for more precision in the mid irons
    • Wedge spaced grooves on the GW–SW: Wedge spaced grooves provide extra spin for shots around the green
Speed Channel®:
  • Engineered channel on the sole creates more flex at impact and delivers greater distance
  • Deep perimeter undercutting
    • An extremely deep undercut creates the largest unsupported face ever in a COBRA set of irons, meaning you get extreme distance on center hits and consistent forgiving distance on off-center hits.
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