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Putter Fitting


fittingIcon_driverPutter Fitting custom tailors a golfer’s putter to their stature and style, giving them the best opportunity to roll the ball true on the greens. Proper length is determined, which is important to both the distance and accuracy of a putt and is critical to putting consistency. Loft is fit to optimize the roll of a putt and is a key feature in distance control in putting. The proper lie (how the putter sits on the ground at address is determined and is the key specification in determining directional control. The best total weight and swing weight is determined to aid in distance control and the overall feel of the putter. When choosing a new putter, the design of the putter that best fits the ability of the player is determined to give the player the best chance to improve their overall putting statistics including putts made, 2 putts and total number of putts.

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pro_imgFrom Our Pros
We talk a lot about getting fit for clubs, but there’s a lag between the fitting and when you get to hit your clubs. Getting your putter custom fit makes an instant impact. Hit 10 putts in the store before and 10 more after the putter fitting, and I promise you will want to head straight to the nearest course. It makes that kind of difference.

Tim Kilcoyne, PGA Professional Burlington, MA Store

The putter is the most personal and pampered club in the bag. Hopes and dreams and visions of grandeur all rolled up into one, solitary club. It’s also the only club you use on every hole, so it needs to fit you perfectly. Getting that perfect fit helps you master that perfect stroke, that flawless roll and the bottom of the cup with confidence every time.


Ball Alignment Should Be Second Nature

Any Pro will tell you that the most important aspect of putting is proper alignment. When you master the art of alignment, you feel the glory of always being able to see the true line of a putt and the putts will drop like clockwork. While the latest putters offer a wide range of alignment enhancement, finding the right putter is personal.

Putter Fitting

Too many Amateur players buy their putters off the rack without finding the best fit. As is the case with drivers and irons, choosing the right putter should start with an evaluation of the individual player in the areas of swing path, loft, length and lie.

Loft: Loft is a key factor in distance control. Most experts believe that the ideal loft range is anywhere from 4 to 6 degrees. You will leave Golf Galaxy with a putter that gives you distance control and a smooth roll of the ball every time you stroke it.

Length: The length of the putter as it fits your stature, and stance over the ball, is essential to improving accuracy and distance control. It’s also vital in creating a good line of sight on the green.

Lie: Like with your irons, your putter’s lie is a critical factor in directional control. We fit the lie to match your stroke so you roll the ball true every time.

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