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Platinum Fitting Experience


fittingIcon_shaftThis 120-minute single session is performed by a PGA/LPGA Professional. Customers are invited back in 30 days to evaluate performance of their new products. By appointment only.

Services included:

fittingIconSM_driver Driver Fitting fittingIconSM_ball Ball Fitting fittingIconSM_putter Putter Fitting fittingIconSM_iron Iron Fitting
fittingIconSM_gap Hybrid/Irons Gap Analysis fittingIconSM_wedge Wedge Gap Analysis fittingIconSM_shaft Shaft Fitting/Analysis fittingIconSM_grip Grip Fitting/Analysis

Plus suggestions on bag, shoes, gloves, and your tee height.



Custom Fitting Services:

  • Driver Fitting
  • Ball Fitting
  • fittingIcon_putter
  • fittingIcon_iron
  • fittingIcon_gap
  • fittingIcon_wedge
  • fittingIcon_shaft
  • fittingIcon_grip
  • fittingIcon_platinum