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Tour Striker Swing Aid - 8 Iron

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Recommended for all golfers who want to add distance to their golf game and improve their ball striking at the same time.

All tour players have different types of golf swings but they have one thing in common, the impact position. The Tour Striker has a raised leading edge that promotes the ideal impact position with your hands in front of the ball and making contact with a descending blow. If your hands fall behind the ball at impact the Tour Striker will not make the ball get airborne.

The Tour Striker Promotes downward momentum and teaches you to hit forward through the ball instead of staying back on it where power and leverage are lost.

Hitting balls with the Tour Striker training clubs your impact position will become closer to Tour quality. The Tour Striker is guaranteed to increase your lag and improve your ball striking.

Over the years, we have seen many different swings have great success. Ernie Els and Tiger Woods have traditional swings. Jim Furyk and Lee Trevino have more unorthodox swings. Why do these swing differences produce equally wonderful results? Regardless of their swing style or shape, their impact condition is successful and it is repetitive.

The Tour Striker training club has been created not to care about your swing style or shape. The distinctive design has a little clubface below the "sweet spot" like a traditional club. This club has been designed so you intuitively teach yourself how to deliver the "sweet spot" of the club to the ball like an expert ball striker. Transferring the feel learned to your traditional clubs is an easy step!

Good ball strikers never try and get under the ball, they hit down on the ball.

  • Brand: Tour Striker
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