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Srixon Z-STAR XV Tour Yellow Golf Balls - 12 Pack

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Expect nothing less than total performance from Srixon Z-STAR XV Golf Balls. The new, third-generation Spin Skin coating increases friction at impact, providing the ultimate in spin control and consistency from close, while the 338 Speed Dimple Pattern optimizes the size and shape of each dimple to deliver long, penetrating flight. New Dual Energetic Gradient Growth Core construction for the XV model unlocks category-leading distance off the tee.

Third-generation Spin Skin coating

  • 13% softer than the previous generation to provide more consistent spin rates from any lie, especially from rough
  • Fewer bonding points allow the coating to stretch across more of the clubface at impact
  • Increased friction affords better spin control on approach and around the green

338 Speed Dimple Pattern

  • Uses five different dimple sizes to optimize the relationship between dimple uniformity and dimple occupancy
  • Creates less drag and helps the ball better maintain its flight path in windy conditions
  • Produces longer, more penetrating results by increasing lift later in flight

New Dual Energetic Gradient Growth Core

  • Inner core is softer in the center compared to the previous version to decrease driver spin
  • Outer core is more consistent in hardness compared to the previous version to increase ball speed
  • Varying stiffness helps maximize the transfer of energy at impact
  • Delivers higher launch and category-leading distance off the tee


  • Ideal for golfers with 100+ mph swing speed wanting mid-high launch and high greenside spin
  • 4-piece construction, 105 compression
  • Tour Yellow color maximizes visibility

  • Brand: Srixon
  • Country of Origin: Imported