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SkyCaddie SkyPro Swing & Putter Training Aid

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The SkyCaddie SkyPro Swing & Putter Training Aid is like having a professional instructor, but for a fraction of the cost. This unique device easily clips onto the shaft of any club, analyzes your swing/putting stroke and then provides instant feedback, sent directly to an application on your smartphone. The app then provides detailed graphics and images showing flaws in your swing/stroke that need to be corrected. To help make practice time more beneficial, tips and drills are also included from PGA Professionals Hank Haney and Michael Breed.

SkyCaddie SkyPro Training Aid

See Your Swing

  • Displays thousands of critical data points about your swing path
  • Includes data on your club head speed, swing plane, club face rotation, shaft angle and more
  • Check practice sessions immediately on your smartphone with a free companion app
  • Review your swing in true high-definition 3D


  • Perfect your swing using "Groove and Practice" sessions
  • Instant feedback on each swing
  • Quickly correct flaws and faults
  • Almost immediately start hitting the ball longer, straighter and more consistently
SkyCaddie SkyPro Training Aid


  • Now you can see and understand your flaws
  • Increase the effectiveness of your golf swing
  • Enjoy more productive training sessions
  • Like having a personal swing coach during every trip to the range

Additional Details

  • Fits on any club below the grip - driver to putter
  • Smart Calibration technology has unmatched accuracy
  • Data is transmitted wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth
  • Simply take a swing to begin a session
  • Playback your swing in real time or slow it down for enhanced detail
  • Examine your swing face-on, down-the-line, from a top view or a 360° angle
  • Zoom in for a detailed, up-close view of any part in your swing
  • Compare, sync and overlay your favorite swings with those that still need work
  • Compare positions and tempos and see exactly what changed
  • New parameters to analyze your putting stroke
  • Record putting speed, tempo, rise angle, path, shaft lean, putt length, takeaway angle and more
  • Share swings and training sessions easily with friends and instructors
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer battery for 8 hours of continuous swinging (and multiple training sessions)
  • Zero-button sleep motion sensing
  • Weight: 23.5g
  • Compatible with Apple iOS 7.0+

PGA / iPhone, iPod and iPad ready

  • Brand: SkyCaddie
  • Country of Origin: United States of America