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PSP Golf The Little One Swing Training Aid

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Start seeing big improvements in your golf game with the PSP Golf The Little One Swing Training Aid. Enhance your ball striking, increase distance, elevate concentration and build confidence so you can start scoring lower than ever before. The miniature club face on The Little One is same size as the "sweet spot" found on a traditional 7 iron. After practicing with this club, you'll naturally line your ball up closer to the hosel resulting in purer, longer and straighter shots.

What Are Players Saying About The Little One?

"The Little One is brilliant and one of the best warm-up/game improvement clubs I have ever seen."
-Sean Foley, Professional Golf Coach

"I would like to commend you on this practice tool. The Little One is the best tool that any golfer can ever invest in. I hit it for the first time today at a local retail store and this is the only swing training aid that I would ever consider purchasing. This is the first golf club that any person on earth should own and learn to hit before they buy a full set of clubs."
-Jason Landry, Touring Professional

"I started just chipping and half swings. I am now up to full swings and I have to say I think it is working. I hit 17 out of 18 greens in my last round. I feel like I hit the center of my full size clubs almost every time. It is awesome, thanks so much!!"
-Mike Winzenread, La Mirada, CA

I thought the club really worked by making you aware of where the clubhead is at all times, and slowing up tempo. Great idea!!"
-Max Maxfield, Teaching Professional

Additional Details

  • The Little One's club face is roughly the same size as the "sweet spot" on a traditional 7 iron
  • Pure ball striking
  • Increased accuracy
  • Higher concentration
  • Added distance
  • More consistency
  • Lower scores

  • Brand: PSP Golf
  • Country of Origin: Imported