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Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband

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Encourage yourself to get more active and walk the course with the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband. The Flex tracks the number of steps taken each day, calories burned, distance traveled, active minutes, hours slept and the quality of your sleep (including restlessness and awake time). This versatile device can sync with either your smartphone or desktop computer so your up-to-the-minute stats are always available. Activity targets can be customized to help push you further and achieve your target fitness goals.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband

Track Your Activity and Sleep

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband
  • Tracks your steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and active minutes
  • Activate sleep mode (several rapid taps) when you crawl into bed
  • Sleep mode tracks how much sleep you get each night
  • Capable of detecting when you are awake or restless and adjusts your sleep count accordingly
  • Customizable, silent alarms gently vibrate you wake you in the morning or serve as a periodic reminder to stay active throughout the day

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband

Sync Your Stats Wirelessly

  • Connect the device with your home computer - includes a wireless dongle for syncing that's compatible with Macs and PCs
  • For mobile access, download the Fitbit app and pair the device with your smartphone (iOS or Android) using a low power Bluetooth connection
  • Wireless connectivity means you're in control and never have to worry about forgetting or losing a sync cable

See Real-Time Progress

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband
  • Simply open the desktop or mobile app to watch you're stats update
  • Easily log calories, workouts, water consumption, weight and other factors to give you a total fitness picture
  • Set predetermined calorie counts and weight goals then track your progress throughout the day
  • Additional activity earns you extra calories so you can occasionally indulge
  • Daily trends show when you're the most active and when there's time for improvement

Make Fitness Fun

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband
  • Earn a variety of badges for achieving daily, weekly or lifetime goals (such as walk 10,000 steps in a day or walking 50 miles over the lifetime of the device)
  • Receive achievement alerts whenever you've accomplished something great
  • Weekly stats emails help keep you on track and up-to-date
  • Challenge & compete with friends - root for one another and compare stats
  • Each package contains a small and large wristband for maximum wearability

What's included in the box?

  • Flex tracker
  • Large (6.3" - 8.2") & small (5.5" - 6.9" wristbands
  • Wireless sync dongle
  • Charging cable
  • Free Fitbit.com membership - includes ability to log and track activity, food, sleep, water, body mass, weight and more
  • Access to free mobile apps for iPhone and Android

  • Brand: Fitbit
  • Country of Origin: Imported