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Eyeline Golf 360 Degree Mirror

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The 360° Mirror is actually faster than a camera. When you set up to the mirror you will see yourself from club head to the top of your backswing without turning away from the ball. Learning new movements or making adjustments are quick and easy because you get instant visual feedback. Mark the mirror with the positions you want and get to work. Perfect your swing at home or on the range.

The convex shape shows you a full view of your swing/stroke. Place it in front of you, beneath your hands on the Practice T, or between your feet in your putting stroke. You will see all your alignments, positions, and movements. The rod keeps the mirror consistently aligned to your target.


Full Swing View (setting up outside the target line):

Use the mirror with a single rod. Align the rod to your target, set the mirror stand on the rod and adjust to your desired view. The rod and the connection piece allow the mirror to slide back and forth while staying square.


Practice T Alignment System:

The 360° Mirror is a perfect addition to the Practice T Alignment System. By using the mirror in this setup you have the ultimate practice station.


Set-up For Use On Two Alignment Rods:

The Mirror has two notches with allow it to sit securely on the center of the Practice T. As you move the rods to get fresh turf or change clubs, the mirror will slide with you. This view is perfect for checking your shoulder alignment.


Set-up for Putting with Alignment Rods:

The Mirror can also be used independently of the rods for both full swing and putting. Place it between your feet to get a great view of your shoulders, shaft position, and more.

  • Brand: EyeLine Golf
  • Country of Origin: Imported