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Edel Signature Wedge - Chrome

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1. Hand: Right Hand
2. Loft:
3. Bounce:
4. Shaft: KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 Steel

The details make the difference for the Edel Signature Wedge. Grooves are extended all the way towards the toe, affording better framing at address and more consistent contact on open-face shots, and the shortened hosel helps position CG in the true center of the face, enhancing the sweet spot. Aggressive heel relief translates to reduced face twisting through rough and sand, and 3 grind options promote an ideal fit.

  • Extended grooves frame the ball at address and afford more consistent contact on open-face shots
  • Shortened hosel helps move weight (and CG) towards the true center of the face, enhancing the sweet spot
  • Aggressive heel relief removes excess material from the heel to improve stability through rough and sand
  • Rounded leading edge sits closer to the ground and squares to the target when opening or closing the face
  • Premium-cast 304 stainless steel provides optimal feel
  • CNC face and conforming grooves optimize spin

Trapper (TRP) grind

  • C-shaped grind with medium bounce, aggressive relief in the toe and heel, and slight relief on the trail edge
  • Provides stability and maintains your path without digging or skipping
  • Ideal for golfers with a shallow to moderate angle of attack, small divot

Driver (DVR) grind

  • V-shaped grind with medium-high bounce and dramatic heel, toe, and trail relief
  • Quickly engages with the turf, resulting in the wedge gliding through with minimal hesitation
  • Ideal for golfers with a moderate to steep angle of attack, larger divot

Digger (DGR) grind

  • Channel-shaped grind with high bounce and dual surfaces
  • High-bounce leading edge cuts through turf at impact, extremely high-bounce second surface prevents excessive digging
  • Ideal for golfers with a steep angle of attack, large, deep divot

  • Brand: Edel Golf
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
Model Loft Bounce Grind Lie Swing Weight
50 TRP 50.0° 12.0° Trapper 64.0° D4
50 DVR 50.0° 16.0° Driver 64.0° D4
52 TRP 52.0° 12.0° Trapper 64.0° D4
52 DVR 52.0° 16.0° Driver 64.0° D4
54 TRP 54.0° 12.0° Trapper 64.0° D4
54 DVR 54.0° 16.0° Driver 64.0° D4
56 TRP 56.0° 12.0° Trapper 64.0° D4
56 DVR 56.0° 16.0° Driver 64.0° D4
58 TRP 58.0° 12.0° Trapper 64.0° D4
58 DVR 58.0° 16.0° Driver 64.0° D4
58 DGR 58.0° 27.0° Digger 64.0° D4
60 TRP 60.0° 12.0° Trapper 64.0° D4
60 DVR 60.0° 16.0° Driver 64.0° D4
60 DGR 60.0° 27.0° Digger 64.0° D4