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Cleveland Women's RTX-3 Cavity Back Wedge - Tour Satin (Graphite Shaft)

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1. Hand: Right Hand
2. Loft:
3. Bounce:
4. Shaft: Action Ultralite Graphite

Rethink your definition of closer with the Cleveland Women's RTX-3 Wedge. Face Balancing™ Technology saves 9 g of mass, shifting CG closer to the impact zone and maximizing stability, while each of the V sole grinds promotes crisper feel and turf interaction. The new Rotex™ face uses Tour Zip Grooves™ to increase friction, affording unrivaled spin control when you need it most.

Face Balancing™ Technology

  • Saves 9 g of mass by adding a microcavity inside the hosel and shortening the hosel
  • Shifts CG closer to the center of the face or impact zone to decrease vibration and maximize stability at impact
  • Improves feel and tightens shot dispersion to give you maximum control

V sole grinds

  • V shape and more leading edge bounce help get the club head through the turf faster at impact
  • Each grind promotes crisper feel and more consistent speed for increased spin control
  • Each sole peak is ideally located to optimize playability for different attack angles, styles, and course conditions


  • Narrow, low-bounce sole
  • Ideal for tight, firm conditions
  • Fits a shallow angle of attack


  • Mid-bounce sole
  • Ideal for a wide range of conditions
  • Fits most players


  • Forgiving wider sole
  • Ideal for soft, wet conditions
  • Fits a steep angle of attack

New Rotex™ face

  • New Tour Zip Grooves™ feature a deeper, narrower shape and a sharp edge radius to enhance contact across a variety of conditions
  • Advanced, 2-pass micro-milling pattern increases friction and is directionally enhanced by loft to optimize performance
  • Laser Milling precisely roughens the face surface to the conforming limit for even more friction and spin control around the green


  • Cavity models feature a slightly larger shape to further promote confidence and forgiveness
  • Women's Action Ultralite graphite shaft encourages high, easy launch
  • Lamkin Blue Cap grip

  • Brand: Cleveland
  • Country of Origin: Imported
Model Loft Bounce Grind Lie Length Swing Weight
48.08 48.0° 8.0° V-MG 64.0° 34.375'' C5
50.10 50.0° 10.0° V-MG 64.0° 34.25'' C6
52.10 52.0° 10.0° V-MG 64.0° 34.25'' C6
54.11 54.0° 11.0° V-MG 64.0° 34.00'' C7
56.11 56.0° 11.0° V-MG 64.0° 34.00'' C7
58.09 58.0° 9.0° V-MG 64.0° 33.875'' C7
60.09 60.0° 9.0° V-MG 64.0° 33.875'' C7