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Ball Launch Monitor Fitting Services

Ball Launch Monitor Fitting

Doppler radar provides Golf Galaxy's Zelocity™ Golf Performance Monitors the advantage of collecting hundreds of thousands of data points for ball flight and swing analysis. The radar "sees" the club and golf ball before, during, and after the moment of impact, and follows the ball as it flies down range. This allows Zelocity™ to collect a stream of actual data points (100,000 per second) from the Doppler radar signal.


Ball Launch Monitor QUICKFit

optimum launch conditions

This 15-20 minute fitting session utilizes ball launch monitor technology to optimize your launch conditions for a single driver (different shaft flexes/lofts) or several golf balls.


Ball Launch Monitor Complete Fit


This 45-minute fitting session utilizes ball launch monitor technology to optimize your launch conditions for up to 3 drivers (different shaft flexes/lofts) in addition to several golf balls to find the optimum combination for your game.

Ask a Player's Assistant or Certified Fitting Expert for more information.

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What is a Ball Launch Monitor (BLM) and what does it measure?

A Ball Launch Monitor (BLM) is a state-of-the-art machine using Doppler radar technology that records your shots just after impact to analyze distance-determining variables: spin rate, launch angle and ball speed.

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What are the optimum launch conditions that help me hit farther?

The key to optimizing your launch conditions, and ultimately hitting the ball farther, is to optimize the combinations of those three important variables: spin rate, launch angle and ball speed.

Maximize your distance with a Ball Launch Monitor Fitting

Spin Rate

ball spin

Measured in revolutions per minute (RPM), spin rate determines how far and how straight you can hit a golf ball. Generally, players with higher ball speed will want to keep their spin down, while slower ball speeds will dictate that you increase spin to maximize trajectory and distance.


Initial Launch Angle

launch angle

Measured in degrees above horizontal, initial launch angle is how high you hit the golf ball. Generally, most golfers would hit it further if they launched the ball higher.


Ball Speed


Measured in miles per hour (MPH), this is how fast the golf ball is traveling after it's been struck. Faster ball speeds lead to greater distance (as long as spin and launch are also optimized).



The Golden Rule

High launch + low spin = greater distance. There are exceptions, however. If your ball speed isn't high enough, you actually will need MORE spin in order to maximize distance.

What makes a good ball launch monitor fitting session?

As a golfer, we know you have many choices regarding fitting services and retailers. Here's a quick checklist regarding what we think makes up a good BLM fitting.

State-of-the-art, accurate and calibrated technology

Ball launch monitor technology that utilizes Doppler radar technology is the most accurate indoors.

It's also critical that the technology you use is calibrated - otherwise, you're making decisions off of bad data. At Golf Galaxy, we use tour-quality ball launch monitors that are calibrated daily for optimum performance.


No range balls!

no range balls

Range balls are built for durability, not performance. A quality and accurate BLM fitting doesn't use range balls. At Golf Galaxy, we have dozens of golf balls for you to get fit with. Not sure which ball is right for you? We'll fit you for the proper golf ball out of our vast selection.


Proper Tee Height

Tee Height

Make sure your fitter uses the correct tee height for your driver. Since where you hit the ball on the face has such a large impact on spin rate, launch angle and ball speed, it's essential that you start off on the right tee height.



If you're going to find out what driver and golf ball maximizes your distance, you need to have a wide selection of equipment to choose from. Golf Galaxy carries a very wide and deep selection of drivers with different lofts, shafts and technologies along with golf balls for you to try in your fitting.


Certified Experts


While the technology behind a BLM is very impressive, it's only a tool. And like any tool, it's only as good as its operator. Golf Galaxy Certified Fitting Experts are trained by many of the top OEMs in the industry such as Callaway Golf, TaylorMade, Nike Golf, PING, Cleveland and Mizuno - and they are certified in ball launch monitor technology.

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