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Iron Fitting


fittingIcon_ironIron Fitting is a detailed step by step process to determine what the key specifications of irons should be for a player, based on their swing characteristics, to optimize their iron play. The key elements addressed are loft (distance control and gapping), lie (directional control), shaft flex (distance and trajectory control, feel), club length (distance and accuracy control, comfort), grip size (directional control, feel and security), swing weight (feel and swing control) and set make-up (distance gapping). Through a detailed customer interview and swing analysis the goals and needs of the player are determined and the key specifications of the set are optimized to enhance performance. Whether buying a new set of irons, or customizing a player’s current set, properly fit irons will maximize distance and optimize accuracy, greatly improving a player’s confidence in their iron game.

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When you’re on the fairway, you want to take dead aim. Our PGA/LPGA Pros and fitters are Maltby and club manufacturer certified, so your custom fit irons are right for you—down to grips. Your new irons will feel like natural extensions of your arms. You’ll stick your irons closer than ever before.


Lay It Down Right
The position of the clubhead at the moment of impact determines the outcome of your shot. Getting an iron set properly fit for your swing ensures that everything is in the correct position at impact. Your shots will look more like you envision them, and your handicap will drop faster than a tap in putt.

Custom Fitting Services:

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