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2014 Golf Digest Hot List

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Golf Digest's 2014 Hot List—Hundreds of Clubs Put to the Test

Find the best new golf clubs of the year in one spot.

Explore the 2014 Hot List—carefully developed by the Golf Digest editorial team.

Comprised of nine categories, the Hot List includes:

  1. Drivers
  2. Fairway Woods
  3. Hybrids
  4. Player Irons
  5. Game Improvement Irons
  6. Super Game Improvement Irons
  7. Wedges
  8. Mallet Putters
  9. Blade Putters


A major portion of the process involves the Golf Digest editorial team's constant contact with manufacturers throughout the year. Hot List judges rack up frequent flier miles by visiting manufacturers, touring facilities and overseeing production. And yes, the judges always pay their own way.

Every manufacturer—big or small—can nominate its products for the Hot List. The golf clubs must be in the company's product line at full price through the first half of 2014.

Hundreds of nominations are whittled down during Golf Digest's Hot List Summit. Judges conduct various tests, meet with leading academics to sift through the new golf club technology, meet with leading retailers to determine which clubs consumers want and watch 20 players hit tens of thousands of shots. PGA professional and Golf Galaxy team member Matt Trimbur help fit the players with their clubs. In addition, robots test drivers to provide extra data to consider.

Each club receives a score based on four key factors:

  1. Performance: What happens to the ball when it's hit by the club (45 percent)
  2. Innovation: How the club's technology advances the category (30 percent)
  3. Look/Feel/Sound: What the golfer experiences before, during and after impact (20 percent)
  4. Demand: The relative interest in a product and its reputation (5 percent)

Golf Digest Hot List Scoring Scale:

  • Gold Products: Score 93 to 100 points
  • Silver Products: Score 88 to 92.99 points


The Hot List team does all the hard work. Now it's the fun part. Find the club that improves your game.

Think of the Hot List as your guide. Refer to the Hot List as you search for your new equipment.


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