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The Golf Digest 2012 Hot List


Golf Digest has released its 2012 Hot List, the most comprehensive ranking of the hottest equipment in the game as reviewed by four judges and three panels, consisting of scientists, retailers, and players of all skill levels.

Clubs: The Golf Digest panels studied every angle, every hidden cavity, every new material. Each club in here is a potential game changer.

The 2012 Hot List showcases the most diverse collection of new technology the editors have seen in eight years of compiling this annual ranking. Manufacturers are completely focused on catering to the players’ needs and the message to consumers is clear: the right clubs and balls are out there.

The Categories

Golf Digest’s four judges evaluated candidates for the Hot List in four weighted criteria.

  1. PERFORMANCE (45%)
  2. INNOVATION (30%)
  3. LOOK/SOUND/FEEL (20%)
  4. DEMAND (5%)

The Awards


GOLD products earned a score of 93 to 100 on our weighted scale.

SILVER products earned a score of 88 to 92.99. For example, a product scoring 96 in Performance, 85 in Innovation, 96 in Look/Sound/Feel and 85 in Demand would earn a weighted score of 92.15, or Silver status. There is no minimum number of stars required to earn Gold or Silver status.

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The Ratings


The star ratings are meant to reflect the various levels of judges' scoring from Poor to Outstanding. Each star represents a scoring range, with a ½star generally equal to the upper end of a particular range. For example, scores in the 93 to 96 range are represented by a star rating of ★ ★ ★ ★ ½

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